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Swiggy’s Great India Restaurant Festival sees 3.5 million users save a whopping ₹100+ Crores; 576 tables were booked every hour on Swiggy Dineout

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New Delhi: The 8th edition of Swiggy Dineout’s Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) has been a remarkable success, with over 3.5 million diners collectively saving a staggering ₹100+ Crores on dining out. This year, the festival featured 8,000+ eateries across 37 cities, offering FLAT 50% OFF, with an additional 15% savings when using HDFC Bank Credit Cards. The festival witnessed more than 22 lakh deals being availed and an impressive 576 table reservations per hour.

Commenting on the success, Swapnil Bajpai, Head at Swiggy Dineout, said, “With over 3.5 million diners participating, this year’s Swiggy Dineout GIRF has been a great success, establishing itself as an eagerly anticipated event for food enthusiasts nationwide. We’re thrilled to see more people from Tier 2 cities joining in, showing a growing trend of exploring new cuisines and dining experiences. The festival has introduced a wide range of new restaurants, offering diners exciting culinary adventures while enjoying savings worth a whopping Rs 100+ Crores.”

GIRF 2024 sets new records.

The highest single bill during the festival was recorded in Delhi, where a diner paid Rs. 2,48,929.

Another avid diner from Delhi pocketed substantial savings of Rs. 122,433 on a single order.

A passionate foodie from Bangalore seized the opportunity to purchase an impressive 101 deals, relishing a feast fit for a king daily!

A user from Hyderabad amazed us by indulging in a dining extravaganza throughout the entire GIRF season, spending a hefty sum of Rs. 3,68,889, making it the highest amount paid by a diner throughout the festival.

On Valentine’s Day, a user from Pune saved a whopping Rs. 41,041, turning the day of romance into a celebration of savings!

Valentine’s Week emerged as the pinnacle of dining experiences during the festival, with a staggering 39,599 deals availed and Rs. 1.96 crores saved.

Pop Tate’s Restaurant from Mumbai has seen 549 diners on 25th March, making it the restaurant with the highest number of diners on a single day.

During the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF), BLR Brewing Co. in Bangalore, Cafe Delhi Heights in Delhi, Pop Tate’s in Mumbai, Coal Barbecues in Chennai, and Oudh 1590 in Kolkata emerged as the most preferred restaurants, reflecting their widespread popularity and culinary appeal across in the respective cities.

Swiggy Dineout has gone above and beyond to ensure that food enthusiasts can indulge in more delicious meals, enjoy greater savings, and experiment with newer restaurants through the most enticing restaurant promotions and bank offers during the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF).

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