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Orchidians played Role-Reversal for a day to celebrate Teacher’s Day

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National: Students of Orchids-The International School, one of the leading K12 schools in India, celebrated Teacher’s Day in a unique way, keeping the theme of the celebration as “Teaching the Teachers” in a Role Reverse manner. Students participated in the Role Reverse act by dressing up like their favourite teachers and enacted their teacher’s unique gestures, communication, and teaching style. Senior students conducted a rapid-fire quiz session with all the teachers around pop culture. Teachers were grouped into different teams for the competition.

The teachers liked the fun quiz questions and participated with full vigour and enthusiasm. Teachers learnt more about the GenZ trends, pop culture, social media tips and tricks, new-age lingo etc. in a fun way.

To add to the celebration the pre-primary children arranged fun activities like skits and dance to entertain their teachers. 

Mr. Shubham Chauhan, Head R&D Academics, Orchids-The International School said, ” We are pleasantly surprised by the efforts our students have put in to make this celebration so memorable. We feel ecstatic to see our students giving us so much love, respect and valuing our role in their lives.  All the teachers enjoyed the role reversal, we believe that learning has no age bar and learning something new from our students definitely brings more joy for us. The act performed by students helps teachers understand their role and impact on every child’s life. The inspiration to improvise on oneself is the key takeaway from this exercise for every teacher.”

Students thanked and expressed their gratitude towards the teachers by felicitating them with flowers and presenting hand-made souvenirs.

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