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Motherhood Hospitals vaccinates over 5000 children

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New Delhi: With the vaccination drive for teenagers’ kick starting on January 3rd 2022, Motherhood hospitals has so far successfully vaccinated 5000+ children aged between 15-18 years. The vaccination drive in ongoing was across all Motherhood Hospitals across the country inline with the protocols laid down by the Government of India.

This vaccination will be required to be taken in two doses keeping a gap of 28 days between each dose. The recipients need to continue practicing social distancing and wearing masks even after the first shot.

Teenagers all over the country have been receiving their first dose ever since the drive started on January 3rd. Until now only adults were eligible to get their Covid-19 vaccine shots.

With the wait for children’s vaccine finally being over for the 15-18 age group, the response from teenagers has been positive as they have flocked to the hospitals to get their jabs.

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