18 MPs among 3,800 Myanmar nationals taken shelter in Mizoram

From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : The Chinese government has been inciting India’s opposition to the Myanmar Military government after reports of Myanmar nationals and 18 MPs seeking asylum in Mizoram, the Indian Intelligence Bureau reported. The Indian Intelligence Bureau has sent its report to the Home Ministry and the Defence Ministry, an official source said. On the other hand, a senior police official said today, at least 18 of Myanmar’s more than 3800 people are taking shelter in Mizoram after fleeing their country to avoid detention after a military takeover in February.

The police official said that 18 MPs (MPs) are from The Chin State and Saging region of Myanmar and belong to the National League for Democracy (NLD) party, which won the November 2020 election. Citing official records, he said at least 3,800 people from Myanmar have entered Mizoram and are currently taking shelter in different parts of the state. Out of 3,800 people, 80 per cent are police personnel, while 20 per cent are other government employees like teachers, firemen and bureaucrats, he said. He said most of the refugees are being provided food by local NGOs while some are getting shelter by villagers. He said that the number of Myanmar nationals in Changhai district is 558, followed by Siaha district, which is 414. According to the official, Myanmar nationals are currently taking shelter in 9 districts, including the state capital Aizawl. There are 866 Myanmar nationals in the state capital, Aizawl, he said. Six districts of Mizoram – Changhai, Siaha, Lavangtalai, Serchip, Hanathiyal and Saitul – share a 510 km long international border with Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the North Eastern Students’ Association (NEO), an umbrella body of various student organizations in the North East, has urged the NDA government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prevent bloodshed and loss of life in troubled Myanmar. The statement said, in a meeting of the organization organized through video conference on Monday, the Centre was urged to prevail in its capacity to the military rulers of Myanmar to prevent bloodshed and loss of life in the neighbouring country. He also urged the Centre to demand immediate restoration of democracy in the coup-hit country. NESO urged the Modi government to address the plight of Myanmar’s citizens who have taken shelter in Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, fleeing possible persecution with the consent of the concerned state governments. It said the region of Myanmar and ethnic groups in the state of Chin have shared the same culture, ethnicity and history with indigenous communities of the four northeastern states, which share international borders with the neighbouring country. The students’ association urged the Centre to provide necessary temporary assistance to myanmar citizens till the situation improves.

According to a report by the Indian Intelligence Bureau, The Chinese regime is supporting the brutality of Myanmar soldiers. China is supporting myanmar’s military government. Russia and China are adamant on the steps to be taken by the international fraternity against Myanmar, the european union’s top diplomat said on Sunday. He said that if democracy is restored in the country, it will consider providing financial assistance to Myanmar. The diplomat’s allegation is not baseless. In fact, Myanmar’s army is using Chinese drones to monitor protesters. This was stated in the report of the British Military Intelligence Publications Gens International Defence Review. These Chinese drones were spotted in Mandali city in March. According to the report, two types of drones were visible in the photographs. These drones were seen flying at low altitudes. The sound of the ine drone was heard by the people of the division. Civilians in the city of Mandeli are protesting the military coup. Mandali is the second largest city in Myanmar. According to the report, it has a Chinese-made CH-3A drone. The development of this drone has been developed by China. China had given 10 to 12 drones to Myanmar. The drones are being used by the Myanmar Air Force. China has emerged as a rapid arms supplier in the world. Not only that, since China started exporting drones, it has supplied more to non-democratic countries than to democracies. The demand for these Chinese drones has increased in non-democratic countries. The name of this drone is Kehang. It meets Indra Dhanush in Chinese. It weighs a minimum of 650 kg. It has a payload capacity of 180 kg. It can carry out its work by staying at an altitude of 12 hours and 19685 feet.

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