Brand India , presents the 5th India International CSR Summit & Awards -2020. The Theme of the summit is Corporate Social Responsibility 4.0.

It is expected that more than 50 CSR heads will speak at the IICSR-2020, through a Live Webinar and around 500 delegates will attend the summit on all 4 days.The summit will be held on 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th November-2020, from 6 pm to 8 pm. The summit will have a Masterclass on -Corporate Social Responsibility4.0 , An award function  will be held on the 26th November and an E- Digital book launch on CSR. Already there has been an overwhelming response for this summit  and its going to be an interesting session all around the 4 days


CSR has been a buzz word, since India has been the first country to introduce statutory provisions with respect to CSR under companies act-2013 . In the first five years of the mandated CSR era , India Inc, has made significant progress from adoption to application of the law , and now from alignment to sustainable development Goals ( SDGs ).

The key question now is – what has been the impact of spending that has happened so far ? How can corporations leverage on it by creating essential services such as Sanitation , Health Care , Clean Drinking Water , Education and Financial  literacy and what can be done to maximize it , scale it up, and make it sustainable?

The IICSR-2020 , Let’s hear from the CSR and civil society leaders some challenges, opportunities and learnings based on their experiences. A cross – fertilization of thoughts between policy makers, funders, researchers and implementers would be facilitated – highlighting key parameters for measurable , scalable and sustainable impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is a self regulating business model tht helps a company be socially accountable to itself , its stakeholders, and the public . By practicing Corporate Social Responsibility , also called corporate citizenship, companies can be conscious of the kind of Impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic , social and environmental..

For a company to be socially responsible , it first needs to be accountable to itself and stakeholders. Often companies that adapt CSR programs have grown their business to the point where they can give back to society . Thus , CSR is primarily a strategy of large corporations , Also , the more visible and successful a corporation is , the more responsibility it has to set standards of ethical behaviour for its peers, congestion and industry.


# Think and Challenge Traditional CSR

# CSR Key concerns around the capacity of different stakeholders.

# Aligning CSR initiatives in changing economic scenarios.

# Importance of CSR initiatives in changing economic scenario

# CSR as an investment not an expenditure

# Measuring Impact: The success of CSR

# New CSR legislations – changes and impact MCA guidelines

# Strategic CSR – creating a workable link between people , planet and profit.

# Explaining the new avenues for Smart & Effective partnering to achieve common goals.

# Evaluation & Monitoring of CSR practices.

# CSR reporting as an important tool of CSR communication.

# Unlocking the potential of technology for social change .

# Effective integration of CSR and supply chain/

# CSR in the boardroom/



CSR leaders / Thinkers

Social Leaders

CSR Regulatories

Corporate Communication


Social Mission

Strategic Planning

Policy & Advocacy

Human Resource

Corporate Partnership

External Affairs

Program Implementation



# You got to interact with senior practitioners across the industry

# Experience the open , genuine and inspirational conversations led by CSR peers and professionals

# Desiring to learn deeply about social purpose and the ways to engage it in your business plan.

# Build your network with India;s top regulatory and CSR & Sustainability experts.

# Share best practices on various aspects shared by top companies in CSR activities

# Get acquainted with latest emerging strategies that will help your CSR process reach the next level.


Brand India has instituted the India International CSR Impact Awards-2020, to recognize companies, Individuals, NGOs that have made a positive impact on the society through their innovative & sustainable CSR initiatives .

The award is the apex recognition of CSR initiatives in India.

# Recognize the companies that have positively impacted both business and society by taking a strategic approach to CSR through collaborative program.

# Recognize the companies that are leading transformation by integrating collaborative programs.

# Recognize the companies that are leading transformation by integrating sustainability in their core business model.

# Recognize the companies for implementing measures for conservation and sustainable management of the bio- diversity and ecosystem in the value chain.

# Identifying innovative approach and employing application and technologies that will help to build a robust CSR programs to further  the case of inclusive and sustainable development,



1. Impactful CSR leader Award

2. CSR project of the year

3. Best CSR practice Award

4. CSR leadership Awards

5. Best Innovative CSR project

6. Best work place practice Award

7. Best CSR impact Awards

8. Stakeholders Engagement Award.

9. CSR person of the Decade

10. LifeTime Achievement Award

11.  Award for Best use of Technology in CSR .

12.Environmental program of the year

13. PR Campaign of the year

14. Marketing campaign of the year

15. Social Media channel of the year

17. Start-Up of the year

18. Fastest growing company of the year

19. Best emerging company of the year

20. Most innovative company of the n year

21. Advertising and Marketing agency of the year

22. Best use of Technology awards

23. Best new product of the year

24. Most socially responsible company of the year.



1. NGO of the year

2. Most commited NGO Award

3. NGO leadership Award

4. CSR implementing partner Award,

The summit is headed by Mr Sandeep Simon Behera, Chairman of the IICSR Committee and Dr K.K Upadhyay , is the Co- Chair of the IICSR , Committee. Earlier to this  summit,Brand India organized a 3 Days Round Table Discussion on ‘CSR and it;s role in making AtmaNirbhar Bharat ‘. The discussion was a very successful event.

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