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About 15 terrorist organizations in ‘No Man Land’ between Myanmar and India

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From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : From an international point of view, another major problem has emerged for India. With this, another threat has emerged for Indian internal security. According to information received from the Indian Army and border security forces, a camp has been set up near the Indian border in Mizoram to train rebels against military rule in Myanmar. Accepting this information from the Indian Border Security Forces and the Indian Intelligence Agency, a senior official of the political wing Chin National Front said that the cadres of the Chin National Army are imparting armed training.

According to a Chin National Front official, civilians from Chin Province and Sagaying Division, who have taken up arms against the military junta in Myanmar, have reached Camp Victoria. The camp is situated on the banks of river Tiau on the Mizoram-Myanmar border. Training is being imparted here under the organization of The Kindland Defence Force.In Myanmar, the Chin National Front and the Chin National Army, led by myanmar’s National Unity Government, are in exile after the military coup. The defence force is being trained in guerrilla fighting against Myanmar’s military junta in the camp. After the coup, 13,000 refugees came to Mizoram. 3200 had returned due to covid. The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement was held between the Chin National Army and the Myanmar Army in 2015.

This was followed by Camp Victoria, which does not allow myanmar’s army or tatmadava to enter. The agreement was signed by the then President of Myanmar Thein Sein. Delegations from the United Nations, usa, UK, Japan, Norway witnessed this. On the other hand, tell us that Myanmar, Laos and Thailand are joining together as golden triangles. There is a ‘no man land’ between Myanmar and India, where terrorist organizations live. The area is not under myanmar administration. And about 15 terrorist organizations are operating from this area.These terrorist organizations included in this ‘no man’s land’ are related to illegal drug dealing.

Some terrorist organizations have set up drug production factories in the region from where they supply drugs to India and parts of other European countries. The largest market for illicit drugs in the North-East is called More in North-East India and Tam in Myanmar. The region, which is under terrorist organizations, produces a large quantity of drugs from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Meanwhile, the Intelligence Agency of the Indian Army has already informed the Home Ministry of India about the drugs and terrorists which are dangerous things for India. According to reports, the Union Home Ministry has directed the BSF, Indian Army and all security agencies to keep an eye on the area. All security agencies have been asked to remain vigilant so that the North Eastern Terror Organisation has not been able to do anything against Myanmar rebels as well as India.

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