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Accused arrested with 90 Kgs of Cannabis: Court extended custody 

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Thiruvananthapuram: A Court here on Friday extended custody of four accused, who were arrested in connection with 90 Kilos of Cannabis smuggling case. Now the case is investigating by the Crime Branch. Admitting the arguments of Additional Public Prosecutor M. Salahudeen, the 6th Additional District and Sessions Judge K. Vishnu extended custody of all accused till 22nd May. As per the prosecution records, the accused are having strong connection with inter- state drug smuggling rackets. Prosecutor further submits that all inter – linking connections of the accused should be ruled out. The defence lawyer strongly opposed the demand of prosecution. But Prosecutor M. Salahudeen announces, it is the policy of the Government to eradicate the drugs from the society and the Government is seriously considering this case.

In order to escape from the vehicle checking, the wife and daughter of Vishnu, the main accused in the case, were accompanied with the team. The Innova Car is intercepted by the Excise officials based on secret information. The Prosecutor argues that the Cannabis brought by the accused in to the capital city, is for distributing the same among school children. Jagathy Sathyanagar native Akhil R.G @ Bolt Akhil, Maranalloor Karingal native Vishnu @ Bolera Vishnu, Thiruvallam Menilam native Ratheesh @ Chokkan Ratheesh and Thiruvallam Karinkadamukal native Ratheesh are the key accused in this case.

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