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AG&P Pratham Launches its First Company-Owned Company Operated CNG Station

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Tirupati: AG&P Pratham, one of the leading players in the Indian City Gas Distribution (CGD) industry, announced the launch of its first Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) CNG station in Tirupati District. The new station is located in Menakuru Industrial Area and on SH 397 connecting Naidupeta and Venkatagiri.

On the special occasion, Mr Chirag K Bhanvadia, Regional Head, AG&P Pratham, said, “The launch of the first COCO station marks an important milestone in our growth chapter. We are grateful for the continued support from the State government and local authorities in helping strengthen the CNG infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh and for their sustained pursuit of cleaner energy sources. The new station will significantly reduce vehicular pollution in the Industrial Area promoting a cleaner environment.”

The COCO station will offer a cleaner fuel alternative to all staff buses and transport vehicles in Menakuru and Attivaram. Additionally, the station has DRS (District Regulating Skid) and DCU (Decompression Unit) facilities which will be utilised to supply green fuel PNG for industrial applications as well. AG&P Pratham has already built Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline network in Menakuru and Attivaram Ind. Parks.

AG&P aims to register 30,000 connections next year in Tirupati. To date, AG&P Pratham has launched 07 CNG stations in the district and aims to launch 70 Plus more CNG stations in Andhra Pradesh by December 2023. AG&P Pratham has initiated domestic PNG connections and has received a total of 12,000 plus registrations in Tirupati.

AG&P Pratham is a 100% Foreign Direct Investment Company, that has the authorization to develop CGD networks in 12 Geographical Areas in 34 districts covering 8% of India and 64 million people in the states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. In these 34 districts, AG&P Pratham is developing and operating CNG stations for vehicles and piped natural gas to homes, industries and commercial establishments.  AG&P Pratham through its India-wide CGD network plans to cover more than 278,000 square kilometres and will have over 1,500 CNG stations and more than 17,000 inch-km of steel pipelines.

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