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AIC-IIITH graduates 1st cohort of 11 social startups

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Hyderabad: 11 Social Enterprises from AIC-IIITH 1st Cohort of its Akash and Dhanush programs graduated in an online ceremony on 18th September 2020. The Cohort consisted of diverse startups from fields like MedTech, Agritiech, Eco Tech, Edtech and FinTech. The ceremony saw participation of representatives from Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog- Ms. Ishita Agrawal. Program Director and Mr Anish Somani, from  Wadhwani Foundation-Senior Advisor Mr  Dan Kranzler, from Social Alpha – Mr Ajinkya Waradpande and Investors like Caspian Impact Investment, Innopark Ventures, FinAnomics, Malabar Angel, Avanish Agarwal – individual investor. Congratulating the graduating Startups, Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, Director, AIC-IIITH said, “This is a great opportunity to highlight how technology incubators by supporting Social Enterprises can make not only economic but also Social Impact and help India achieve Sustainable Development Goals set by UN.” The event was organised in association with T-Social Startups Network (TSSN) an initiative of Telangana State Innovation Cell supported by AIC-IIITH.

Ms. Ishita Agrawal. Program Director, AIM, NITI Aayog commended the AIC-IIITH team for  their achievements and  congratulating the  Graduating Startups said, “hope that all of you from Startups or Incubatee now become Mentors to the new batch coming in.”

The Graduation ceremony was followed by Demo Day where select startups also pitched in front of Investors and ecosystem actors seeking investment and mentoring support. Mr Suraj M, Founder of  startups Next Skills 360 thanked the AIC team for supporting their startups and helping with connections, contacts and course correction.

Since its inception last year AIC-IIITH has supported over 20 Social Enterprise Startups. In this period  AIC-IIITH supported Startups have,

●        Created 200+ jobs

●        Generated revenue over INR 2 cr

●        Raised over INR 12 Cr in Funding

By supporting Social Innovation, AIC-IIITH aims to Catalyze Sustainable Development Goals using technology. 

The names of Graduating Startups is as follows:

1MONEY [RUR EBANQ SOUHARDA COOPERATIVE LIMITED]: A software platform that helps an Aadhar card function as a debit card. 

Checkroof: An application that utilizes ML and pattern recognition to provide homeowners with rain water harvesting solutions and tools. Also use the tech to give help homeowners identify potential solar radiation on roof and provide solution for roof cooling/solar energy

 Truspectra India Pvt. Ltd: An AI-based smart UVC disinfection system that can be utilized across the hospitality, transportation, pharma industries and more.

Candiphi Healthcare Private Limited: A software platform that integrates information from any medical device with an exposed SDK and uses ML to analyse incoming data to make predictions and analysis on diabetic & cardiovascular illnesses.

Locus [Scaleup Consultants]: A hardware tool that creates a Wifi Zone that will help digitialize school administration records and helps with content dissemination. 

Ambus Services: An On-Demand ambulance booking application. 

Xshala Energetics: A hydrogen production unit that can be remotely monitored and is powered by renewable energy; also develops smart hydrogen kits that can help convert fossil-fuelled motor boats into 0-emission hydrogen boats.

Aquatic Livelihoods: A sensor-based water quality monitoring board that collects data and monitors parameters such as pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc. to feed into an ML algorithm that will output suggestions that will help in scaling up marginal fishing households.

Vitthai Agri Solutions: A solution that provides oxygen to roots in order to provide a healthy environment for open field farming while removing harmful chemicals in water.

 Next Skills 360: Provides inexpensive kits & explorer toys as a substitute for computers in Government and Low/Medium income schools in order to spread access to IT & Programming knowledge across the BOP.

Cerelia Nutritech Pvt Ltd: A patent-pending, OTC moisturizer that utilizes transdermal technology solution aimed at bringing multivitamins for those in need. 

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