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Annual Celebration of Kalanjali at Ravindra Bhavan Today

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Bhopal:  Kalanjali, an organisation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Indian classical dance and art form is organising its annual 23rd “ Kalotsavam” at Ravindra Bhavan, Bhopal on 21st May 2022 at 06:30 P.M.  In which Hon. Shri S Vishwanathan (IAS) Managing Director MP Tourism Corporation will be the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Aditi Kumar Tripathi Director Culture Directorate, MP. Director Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, Co-Secretary Madhya Pradesh Sanskriti Parishad Sanskriti Bhavan, Banganga, Bhopal Will be the Guest Of Honour. Kalanjali, under guru Shri. Pradeep Krishnan, who also is the President of the organisation has been the key person who took the responsibility of imparting training in Indian classical dance and music to children. The organisation aims to provide an opportunity for the aspiring young children to know about the Indian classical art form and to learn proper techniques under the guidance of the guru. Besides this, it also provides a platform with Indian classical dance assignments so that the students get career training to attain more confidence.

The programme shall consist of Ganesh Stuti, Jatiswaram, Shabdam, Thillana, Nritya natika (Gyanamritham) all in the classical dance forms besides Folk Dance and Classical Musical Recitation (Vocal). The main highlight of the event shall be Rangarohan (first stage performance) of 23 students to be performed under Alarippu.

Pradeep Krishnan, President Kalanjali Bhopal Says ” Kalanjali was formed in the year 1998 with the aim of embedding the roots of Indian Classical Dance and Music in the youth. Since then, the organization has been working towards promoting the Indian Classical Art forms, also providing the right guidance and platform for the students to showcase the art in its purest form. Imparting the knowledge about our own culture for the future generations to carry on is one of key milestones the organization keeps chasing and has been successfully doing so for the past years since the origin. Various artists from all around the globe have collaborated and been a part of Kalanjali and its endeavours.

He emphasises that  providing the right platform and stage has always been one of the prime factors in showcasing the talent and the knowledge of the art the students have gained under the guidance of the mentors in Kalanjali. Following which “Kalanjali Kalotsav”, an annual recital had been started where the students were provided a stage and opportunity to deliver their performances. And since then “Kalanjali Kalotsav” has been taking place every year and the vision to equip the students with the right set of skills and knowledge in the field takes its hold stronger than before. Kalotsav being held in Bhopal’s best known cultural centers like Bharat Bhawan, Ravindra Bhavan and BHEL Cultural Hall has over the years become a much sought after and awaited event by the lovers of classical dance and music from the city. Kalanjali also offers the option of formal education in Music and Dance through Prayag Sangit Samiti, Prayagraj.

Kalanjali is a vision envisaged by its Founder, Director & President Master Pradeep Krishnan who is an eminent dancer himself and has been imparting training in Indian classical dance and music to children for the past two decades. Kalanjali annually organizes its dance and music festival “Kalanjali Kalotsav” to celebrate art and its diversity .  The organisation besides training of more than a thousand artists in Indian classical dance and classical music has not only provided a platform for them but is also contributing towards the promotion and preservation of Indian culture. It is not just a dance school, but a well-conceived methodology, whereby, the unique curriculum allows the student to develop a thorough understanding of the art through the systematic study of technique, culture and representation of Indian classical music and dance to a global audience.  The organization serves both Indian and American communities.  Kalanjali over the last two and a half decades has trained more than 1000 students and over 200 students have successfully completed their graduation and a good number of them have become internationally acclaimed active performers. Special summer camps and workshops are organized every year, to impart intensive training in the classical dance technique, music improvisation for serious learners. Collaborative Music and Dance work with other cultural Organizations: Kalanjali Continuously collaborates with several cultural organizations whereby Kalanjali has been asked to provide training in performing Arts (dance and Music) to the students of these organizations on a regular basis and perform music work for their dance presentations and be an ambassador in representing the rich classical traditions of India.

 Service through Art is an ideal for which Kalanjali stands for and strongly encourages its students to actively integrate art within their community activities. The Kalanjali dancers also perform regularly at the Senior and Adult homes. Kalanjali is committed to children/youth education and outreach programs emphasizing the creative as well as the spiritual nature of our arts. Kalanjali also conducts lecture demonstrations, workshops, and fusion concerts. In addition, every year Kalanjali strives to conduct “meet with artists” heritage camps, wherein a talented artist of popular standing is invited for a personal informal session with all its students, focusing on the cultural and educational goals of the organization. Kalanjali’s events showcase the best of Indian talents.

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