Army to donate Rs 5L to Martyr’s family

From Mayukh Goswami

Mangaldai : “No nation has ever been able to repay the supreme sacrifice offered by its soldiers to preserve the freedom and sovereignty of Motherland. It is the supreme sacrifice offered by the soldiers that our freedom is secured and the future generation is able to reap the fruit of being the citizens of the nation. The soldiers deserve gratitude not only from the personnel of armed forces but also from the citizens of the nation for having made the Indian Army glorious by their deals. Those who serve the nation deserve gratitude”. Keeping it in mind and reflecting it true to the sense, the Indian Army offered an amount of Rs. 500,000.00 to the family of Swahid Suvedar Gandhi Ram Rajbongshi on Thursday.

Swahid Gandhi Ram Rajbongshi of Darrang district while serving as a Suvedar in Assam Regiment attained the martyrdom in line of duty along northern borders on December 18 of 2000 leaving behind his wife Pabitri Rajbongshi, a 15 year old daughter and only one year old son. Upholding the tag of ‘Veer Naari’ Pabitri Rajbongshi raised both the children despite financial crunch. Her son Gagan rajbongshi while pursuing his higher studies in Guwahati unfortunately met with an accident in 2018. The injuries sustained by Gagan Rajbongshi were very severe and underwent various operations and facial surgeries for which the mother was compelled to spend an amount of Rs. 12.18 lakhs as she was not aware of the ECHS facilities available for all dependents of retired or martyred soldiers.

However, the troops of Red Horns Division deployed in Udalguri and Darrang district came to know about the ordeals being faced by the ‘Veer Naari’ only in 2020 at the Krishak Swahid Divas celebration organized by the army at Pothorughat. Accordingly the Army unit of Red Horns Division brought the matter to the notice of higher authority and finally the Army higher headquarters sanctioned an amount of Rs. 500,000.00 under AG’s BR, IHQ of MOD (Army). Senior officials of army on Thursday visited the residence of Pabitri Rajbongshi and offered the amount. The prompt initiative of the army has been termed as a silver lining in dark clouds for Pabitri Rajbongshi and her family.       

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