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Assam floods: 40 animals, 2 rhinos killed in flood at Kaziranga

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GUWAHATI : In Assam, the devastating floods have created havoc. All the districts of the state are reeling under floods. Not only are 25 lakh people in 4620 villages of the State affected by this flood, but animals are also suffering from the havoc of nature. According to reports, 40 wild animals have died so far due to floods in Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The dead animals include 2 rhinos.

According to kaziranga national park officials, 50 per cent of the area of the park is still submerged in water. In Assam, at least 40 endangered animals have been killed in Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNP) due to floods. The 40 dead animals include 27 hog deer, two rhinos, a wild buffalo, two marshy deer, a python and a hat langur, a KNP official said.Forest personnel have so far rescued four animals, including a calf from the outer edge of the central border near Mihimukh Highland, a 10-day-long male rhinoceros. The mother of the calf could not be traced.

The calf which is weak and weak has been sent to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation. “With the overall improvement of the floods, 50 per cent of KNP and TR on Monday are still in floodwaters,” the official said. Officials are keeping a close watch on the movement of animals that cross the National Highway passing through the park and are at risk of being crushed. Kaziranga is home to more than 2,400 one-horned Indian rhinos. To prevent the death and injury of animals, speed limits are strictly enforced by forest and district administration officials and penalties are imposed for any violations. The massive floods in Assam have wreaked havoc. According to the report, about 15 people have died in the disaster. However, rainwater in Kaziranga National Park has receded by 50 cm in the last 24 hours.

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