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Aster KIND Celebrates Down Syndrome Day with an Awareness Event

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Kochi: The Kids Integrated Neurology & Development Centre at Aster Medcity, Kochi (Aster KIND) organized “End the Stereotypes,” a special awareness event celebrating Down Syndrome Day. Held at Knowledge Hub, Aster Medcity, the event aimed to foster understanding, and inclusion for individuals with Down Syndrome. The event provided a platform for families of children with Down Syndrome to come together and celebrate diversity, within the community.

The event featured a variety of activities designed to showcase the talents and abilities of children and adolescents with Down Syndrome. There were heartwarming Fashion Show and Talent Show, where children showcased their talents. In addition to the captivating performances, there were magic show and a range of entertaining programs tailored to delight children

“Events like these not only raise awareness about Down Syndrome but also foster a sense of belonging and acceptance. Aster KIND has long been committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of all children, regardless of their abilities. ‘End the Stereotypes’ marked another milestone in Aster KIND’s journey toward building a more inclusive society,” said Dr. Susan Mary Zachariah, Consultant – Developmental Paediatrics, Aster Medcity-Kochi.

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