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Aster MIMS Saves 66-Year-Old Cancer Patient Through Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment

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Kozhikode: Aster MIMS Kozhikode achieved a remarkable milestone by saving the life of a 66-year-old cancer patient through innovative non-surgical treatment. The patient, suffering from pancreatic cancer, successfully underwent an Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) procedure, avoiding the need for invasive surgery and improving her quality of life. Such advanced non-surgical interventions are scarcely performed in South India and were previously unheard of in North Kerala.

The patient, a resident of Malappuram, experienced a blockage in the duodenum, the initial section of the small intestine, which hindered her ability to eat. The condition resulted in  incessant  vomiting as the food failed to pass beyond the duodenum. As the disease progressed, the patient began to experience excruciating abdominal pain, prompting further examination by Dr. K. V Gangadharan, Head of the Oncology Department.

Given the patient’s physical challenges, the medical team at Aster MIMS decided to employ non-surgical treatment methods. Led by Dr. Tony Jose, Senior Consultant of the Gastroenterology Department, the team successfully placed a stent from the stomach to the jejunum, the subsequent part of the small intestine, using the cutting-edge technique of endoscopic ultrasound scanning.

The collaborative efforts of the Oncology, Gastroenterology, and Anesthesia departments at Aster MIMS, Calicut were instrumental in ensuring the success of this treatment.

Dedicated medical professionals contributed to the patient’s recovery, including Dr. Anish Kumar, Head of the Gastroenterology Department, and Consultants Dr. Jubin Kamar and Dr. GN Girish. The Anesthesia Department, led by Dr. K. Kishore, played a crucial role in ensuring patient comfort throughout the procedure. Additionally, the expertise of Senior Endoscopic Technician Rajeev and the support from Asha Mary and Shilpa from the Nursing Department were integral to the successful completion of this groundbreaking treatment.

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