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Atulya Ganga, a team of 200 army veterans pedal 750 km while embarking on the mission to save Yamuna

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Atulya Ganga’s 750 km Yamuna Cyclothon gets a roaring participation in Delhi-NCR as 200 army veterans pledge to rejuvenate Yamuna river for the present & future generations to come. In the second innings of their lives, the brave hearts commenced their journey from the origin of the river, Yamunotri, and paved their way in Delhi, from National War Memorial to Sunder Nursery. Participants from all walks of life, especially the youth joined this cyclothon as a testimony of their commitment towards saving the Yamuna.

They first set their voyage by traversing 5530 km on foot for the river Ganges, then carved their way by pedaling 2800 km during Ganga Cyclothon 2022. Unstoppable as ever, they are now set to conserve Yamuna.

Yamuna Cyclothon, a 750-km long path, is an initiative connecting Yamunotri in Uttarakhand to Agra in Uttar Pradesh, while focusing on the survival of trees & plants on the terrains of the river Yamuna. It is an endeavour by Atulya Ganga to connect with youth, raise awareness and seek their partnership, fight the silent enemy of the country ‘Plastic and Pollution’, and protect the dying rivers.

Mr. Gopal Sharma, Founder Atulya Ganga Trust, high-spirited on the mission of purifying rivers, enunciated “We have not done justice to our rivers. Polluting rivers is the worst thing that one can do for future generations. Yamuna needs us! All of us must come together & join hands to revive Yamuna.”

Col. Manoj Keshwar (Veteran), Co-Founder Atulya Ganga Trust, while embarking on this journey said “We have seen Yamuna vanishing in Delhi, and it’s time that we take notice and steps to revive the river.”

Lt General Alok Singh Kler, with determination in his heart to save rivers, mentioned “The maximum pollution in Yamuna takes place in Delhi, and it’s time that we realise the need of taking determined actions for our future generations.”

Lt Col Hem Lohumi, SM (Veteran), Co Founder Atulya Ganga Trust, with ignited thoughts, highlighted “Yamuna, one of the sacred rivers of India, that flows through the National Capital, is almost a dead river today. What flows through it, is no longer water but human sewage and industrial waste. We owe it to our future generations to bring it back to life, for, no civilisation can survive without clean water. Following up the commitment to save our rivers & civilisation, Atulya Ganga team is currently cycling from Yamunotri to Agra, to see for themselves the woes of Yamuna.”

Atulya Ganga is a regiment of decorated officers, who have given their sweat and blood to protect their motherland from intruders and infiltrators. And now these officers have rolled up their sleeves, this time in a ‘Green Manner’ to ensure India’s green and blue cover does not become a distant dream for the future generations.

Atulya Ganga’s tableau during Republic Day parade 2023, represented the vision for India’s Amrit Kaal on Kartavya Path. The commitment of these Veterans to ensure harmony and green growth has received appreciation from Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who has urged citizens to come forward and make a new & clean India of the Amrit Kaal.

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