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Book: 100 Great IITians – Dedicated to the Service of the Nation

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‘100 Great IITians – Dedicated to the Service of the Nation’, is a tribute to the remarkable contributions made by IITians to the growth of India.

New Delhi May 14, 2024  IITians across the nation have compiled a book titled  “100 Great IITians – Dedicated to the Service of the Nation”. The book is a tribute to the remarkable contributions made by IITians to the growth of India.

The 429-page multi-colour hardbound book has names of  Nandan Nilekani, Kota Hari narayana, Narayan Murthy, Damodar Acharya, Mangu Singh, YPS Suri,   B K Syngal, Rabi Bastia, Y.C. Deveshwar, Gopal Chandra Mitra, Manohar Parrikar, and Capt. N.S. Mohan Ram as they all share a common background: they graduated from the IITs before 2000 and are highly regarded figures in the field of engineering and technology in India, having achieved remarkable success in their respective domains.

While numerous students have passed through the prestigious corridors of the IITs, these individuals consciously opted to forgo lucrative opportunities abroad to contribute to their homeland. The book “100 Great IITians,” a comprehensive compilation spanning 429 pages, showcases such eminent engineers and technocrats who have played pivotal roles in India’s progress and development across various sectors.

The general impression about IITians is that after passing out they decide to settle abroad. Commander VK Jaitly, himself is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur who has compiled the book wanted to break this perception. He researched and toiled for more than four years and compiled the stories of 100 great IITians who have dedicated their lives for the nation.

“These IITians either didn’t go abroad or even if they did, they came back to their motherland to serve the nation. The IITians featured in this book are from diverse fields like Academics, Industry, R&D, DRDO, ISRO, Defense, Adventure and even Spiritual and Social Sectors.” Said Mr YPS Suri , Co-Chair of CII National Corrosion Management Committee an IIT Kharagpur Alumini also known as Stainless Steel Guru in India .

As per the IITians 100% profit from the sale of this book will be used for the upliftment of the society: 40% will go as scholarship to economically weaker students getting admission in 23 IITs, 40% will go for the transformation of Tribal Villages in the vicinity of IIT Kharagpur, 10% for PM CARES Fund and 10% to other miscellaneous social organisations like Youth4Nation etc. Commander Jaitly himself is one of the National Coordinator of Youth4Nation.

The book has been described as a Must-Read for the engineering students and of course for all those whose hearts beat for the society and for the nation.

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