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Bringing a Delightful Addition to the Menu, CK’s Bakery Unveils Almond Cake

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Chennai: Paying an ode to classic tea time cakes, CK’s Bakery, one of the finest bakeries of Tamil Nadu, from the house of CavinKare, today announced the latest addition to its slew of delightful offerings, the exquisite Almond Cake. This new addition promises to bring a sophisticated twist to the timeless cake, combining the rich, nutty flavor of almonds with the bakery’s signature moist, tender crumb. Available across all CK’s Bakery outlets, this delectable creation bridges the past and the present, capturing the essence of traditional baking and bringing the warmth and comfort of yesteryears to the table.

The Almond Cake is crafted with the finest ingredients, including premium almond flour and fresh, natural almonds, ensuring a deliciously authentic taste in every bite.  Revealing a moist, tender crumb enriched with finely ground almonds, the cake priced at ₹180 has a rich yet subtly elegant flavor. The natural sweetness of almonds blends harmoniously with a hint of vanilla, while a light dusting of powdered sugar or slivered almonds adds a delightful crunch.  With its golden-brown exterior and aromatic essence of roasted almonds, this cake is perfect for any occasion—be it a festive gathering, a thoughtful gift, or a simple indulgence with tea or coffee. Its versatile appeal makes it a timeless dessert that resonates with both traditional and contemporary palates.

With a knack for excellence, CK’s Bakery, through its commitment to quality and continuous innovation, is always set on exploring new flavors and ingredients to delight its customers. The Almond cake exemplifies the bakery’s commitment to bring both traditional and novel bakery products that customers adore.

Starting on Tuesday the Almond Cake will be available across all CK’s Bakery outlets. The Almond Cake evoking  comfort and nostalgia, will remind customers of cherished family moments,  promising  to bring joy and satisfaction with every slice.

About CK’s Bakery: CK’s Bakery is a young and fast-growing bakery chain with over 70+ outlets in Chennai. The brand represented by a cycle stands for simplicity and affordability by providing premium quality products at affordable prices. With a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies offered in elegant ambience, CK’s Bakery brings to foodies a variety of delicacies from across the globe. CK’s Bakery was the first in Chennai to introduce Panini sandwiches in Tamil Nadu and continues to put internationally rejoiced delicacies on your plates.

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