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British government to hike visa fees from 4th of October

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London: The British government  has announced an increase in visa fees, effective from the 4th of October. The cost of a visit visa for under six months will rise by GBP 15, and student visas will be GBP 127 more expensive for travelers from around the world including those from India.  The changes are aimed at meeting the country’s public sector wage increase and are expected to raise over GBP one billion. The fee increase applies to various visa categories and is subject to parliamentary approval.

The UK Home office confirmed that these changes, introduced through legislation in Parliament on Friday, will result in the cost of a visit visa for less than six months rising to GBP 115. Additionally, the fee for applying for a student visa from outside the UK will increase to GBP 490, matching the amount charged for in-country applications.

This adjustment follows the announcement made by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in July that visa fees and health surcharges, which contribute to the UK’s state-funded (NHS), would rise significantly to accommodate increases in public sector wages.

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