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Cancer awareness initiative by TEDx Rambaug

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Mumbai: ‘Once you choose hope, anything’s possible’ the statement defines the courage and brave hearts fighting cancer with the spirit to battle each day come what may.

7th November is observed as National Cancer Awareness Day, with a view to spread awareness and salute the little children battling with cancer, Tedx Rambaug teamed up with Access Life, an NGO for children suffering from Cancer, and lent a small help towards these super kids by providing them with fruits, protein bars, crayons, stationery, etc.

With 14th November, Children’s Day around the corner, what better day it could be to stand joined with an end goal to bring issues to light of the endeavours, to improve results for children determined to have cancer around the globe.

Kids need to be out running, playing, exploring and making new friends. Doing what they do best. They shouldn’t be living in hospitals, being away from their friends/school or even family members. They shouldn’t feel sick all the time and lose their hair. They shouldn’t have to face long-term affects like hearing loss or the disability to ever walk. When fighting cancer, one of the many problems that children go through is having to fight off feeling isolated as well as a sense of hopelessness.

This drive, therefore, headed by TEDx Rambaug in association with Access Life NGO, strives to bring smiles on the faces of these tiny warriors that help them fight the battle. Access Life provides a loving home to children fighting Cancer and their families. They take every effort to ensure that under-treatment children receive proper nutrition; educational resources and support which is needed to survive the life they’re fighting so hard for. Also to mention, Mehak Purohit, Founder, Chakli Art and Rite Bite, provided all the assistance that was needed for the success of this initiative.

With this beautiful initiative, we intend to urge our readers, ‘Spread love wherever you can, the World needs more of that.’

Speaking about the initiative Mr. Shubham Minde, says, “I am glad to be a part of one such beautiful cause that helps me understand the difficulties that cancer affected children face. This gives me a sense of satisfaction and belonging for our little warriors who relentlessly fight the battle and become the greatest of examples we could have. I am delighted to have collaborated with Access Life NGO that is dedicated to work towards the children’s overall well being and jointly worked with us on creating memories for life. This is indeed a children’s day delight.

In the words of Mr. Nisarg Kharat, “This gives me immense pleasure to have been conducting an initiative whose only aim is to spread smiles and laughter among children. I personally feel the need to conduct more such initiatives and spread the word.

One thing that these little kids have taught me is, sometimes life throws storms your way, and they will affect you. But instead of waiting for the storm to pass, one must learn how to dance in the rain.”

Mr.Girish Nair, Founder & Chairman, Access Life NGO says, “It was really inspiring to see youngsters of TEDx Rambaug putting their platform for a very noble cause of childhood cancer. The cause of childhood cancer is relatively less known among people in general and I really appreciate the entire team who wanted to create awareness for the cause as well as support these children with nutritional supplements.”

One of our little soldiers puts forth, “I had Cancer, Cancer never had me!” A message by a cancer survivor just proves how some people are compelled to be braver than they ever imagined because life had other plans for them.

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