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CAS-Fiesta 2022, a student initiative to give back to society

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Hyderabad: Over 1500 entrants including students their parents and teachers attended the CAS Fiesta 2022, to support the CSR projects, held at Oakridge International School, Bachupally. This was the most successful fundraising event the school has ever held, having raised about 300,000 INR.

A flash mob performance by students at the CAS-Fiesta 2022, a fundraiser event hosted by the students of Oakridge International School, Bachupally, to support CSR projects.

There were 63 multifarious stalls that provided a wide range of fascinating foods including Oreo rolls and mousse, home-baked goods, potato swirls, doughnuts, Pani Puris, Nachos, pickles, brownies, macaroons, puffs, etc., where guests were spoiled for choice. As part of their fundraising efforts for the great cause, students showcased various activities like games, puzzles, dance, singing, skits, flash mobs, and other performances that enchanted the attendees.

Oakridger Bhuvan from IBDP1 said, “It was enjoyable working for the CAS-Fiesta, from making the forms to allocating the stalls, to add to the merriment of CAS-Fiesta 2022 had many more activities like Video games, dart games, ping pong balls, Nerf guns, Scary houses, games of tickets, and puzzles. Students and teachers organized more activities like fashion, photo Booths, Multicultural quizzes, interactive booklets, DIY workshops, pottery, fluid art, and karaoke. I learned many skills along the way and working with my fellow students helped me learn the importance of teamwork and communication”.

196 teachers, 130 student volunteers, and numerous parent volunteers all contributed to the event by helping the underprivileged and creating a social impact. The teachers and students at Oakridge International School made an effort to instill the fundamental value of “giving back to the community.” This event, which the students organized with the support of their teachers, is primarily intended to raise money through the sale of tickets, sweets, and activities. The funds raised from the event will support several initiatives including raising awareness about menstrual hygiene, giving to orphanages, empowering educational initiatives, and giving learning resources to underfunded schools.

“I am walking 21,000 kms across India for a future where “Nobody will die waiting for blood”. Today at CAS Fiesta, I got to see our future leaders putting their honest efforts to create a positive impact in the world around us. I am sure they are going to help me in fulfilling my dream as well for every kid”, said the Guest of Honour, Mr. Kiran Verma, a Social Entrepreneur – Founder of Simply Blood, the World’s First Virtual Blood Donation Platform as chief guest.

“The annual CAS-Fiesta is a way for students across schools and segments to come together and raise funds for CAS endeavors that the school hosts in the coming months. It honors the spirit of community and togetherness as students and teachers alike coordinate and organize this prestigious event,” says Fiona Chettiar CAS Coordinator, Social Impact Lead.

“CAS is one of the more fun components of the IB program, the opportunity to organize the biggest CAS event of Oakridge has made the application of CAS as a subject very meaningful for me. We came up with the theme “multicultural festive cape”, It has been chaotic, tumultuous, and stormy, but in the end, what makes it beautiful is how we wove our strengths into a strong fabric of collaboration, making us inevitable!” said Veda from IBDP2.

Speaking on the occasion, School Principal, Ms. Baljeet Oberoi said “The event was curated to work towards the cause of welfare, betterment of the environment, and helping the underprivileged, thus creating a social impact. The purpose of providing a such platform to the students is to enhance entrepreneurship skills, and creative, and critical thinking skills. Gives a sense of ownership and purpose to the young minds, and hence builds empathy and gratitude.”

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