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Casagrand International School Hosts the 2nd Tamil Nadu State Level Chess Tournament 2024

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Chennai: Synonymous with academic brilliance, Casagrand International School, today raised the stakes in intellectual competition by hosting its annual flagship event – 2nd Tamil Nadu State Level Chess Championship for youngsters under age categories of 8-16 years. Joining hands with Mount Chess Academy, the school’s premises in Perumbakkam was transformed into a battleground for strategic brilliance, witnessing the participation of over 500 young chess prodigies. The occassion was further graced by the presence of India’s 80th Grand Master- Mr. Vignesh NR, Mr Ravichandran, Founder of Mount Chess Academy, and Mr Dwarakesh P, COO, Casagrand International School; who not only motivated participants but also left an indelible mark on the event, inspiring the young minds for their chess endeavors.

Adhering to the highest standards of fairness and technical prowess, the tournament unfolded a captivating spectacle of intellect, strategy, and sportsmanship. With the school’s pedagogy based on activities, experiences, and integration of Life Skills; Casagrand International School spearheaded this initiative with the aim of fostering an amiable environment that nurtures students’ potential and expands their thinking.Kickstarting the match, the students were categorized into 4 groups of U-8, U-10, U-12, U-16 with each group playing six rounds. Post a rigorous competition, top 15 champions were chosen under each category and felicitated with a prestigious trophies. Participants who secured the first place under each category were also recognized with a DGT2010-chess clock.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Dwarakesh P, COO, Casagrand International School said, “In a world where education often prioritizes memorization and grades for college admissions, Casagrand International School seeks to offer age-appropriate modules that focus on imparting 21st-century life skills. The chess competition aligns with this vision, as it encourages strategic thinking, problem-solving, and emotional well-being. By incorporating such extracurricular activities, we aim to cultivate confident individuals with strong leadership skills and a global outlook, preparing them for the challenges of the future. I extend my hearty congratulations to the winners and sincere gratitude to all the participants, whose enthusiasm and dedication significantly contributed to the success of the chess competition. ”

Adding to this, Mr. Vignesh NR, India’s 80th Grand Master said, “I am truly honored to have been a part of Casagrand International School’s 2nd State level Chess Championship, where young minds converged to showcase not only their strategic brilliance but also their spirit of sportsmanship. Chess is a profound journey that fosters critical thinking, resilience, and the joy of intellectual pursuit. My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants, and kudos to Casagrand International School for nurturing a platform that transcends academics, empowering students to excel and inspire in diverse arenas”

Similarly, Mr Ravichandran, Founder of Mount Chess Academy, added, “Through the chess tournament at Casagrand International School, we witnessed a profound commitment to fostering comprehensive development of children. It’s heartening to see how the school, with its emphasis on life skills and academic excellence, provided an intellectual ground for young minds. Having coached more than 15,000 children, and created 500 FIDE players, Mount Chess Academy is proud to continue this journey with Casagrand International School and we truly extend our gratitude to the company for this partnership.

As Casagrand International School continues its journey of educational excellence, events like the 2nd TamilNadu State Chess Championship serve as a testament to the school’s commitment on advancing towards holistic learning. Going beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, the championship became a vibrant celebration of the limitless capabilities inherent in each young mind and the countless avenues of opportunity that await them.

About Casagrand International School: Casagrand International School offers your child an amiable environment that nurtures the child’s potential and expands the child’s thinking, thereby making them happy and confident individuals who are ready for the future. We provide holistic growth for your child ensuring that the primary focus is placed on developing their Life Skills as well as providing Academic Excellence. Our curriculum and teaching methodology comprises strong values, rooted culture, academic learning and growth, ample extracurricular exposure and number of sports activities/games. In a world where education is primarily focused on memorization, academic grades, and a means for admissions into top colleges, we offer age appropriate modules with focus on imparting 21st century Life Skills aimed at developing emotionally well-balanced children with strong leadership skills with a global outlook. The school’s pedagogy is based on activities, experiences, integration of Life Skills with the academic curriculum and connecting the learnings to real-life situations, so that the child learns to apply the skills/learnings/knowledge in his/her life. We give your child a world to Learn, Explore and Grow Happily.

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