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Celebrity Chef Amrita Raichand Encourages Healthy Eating on a budget

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Celebrity Chef Amrita Raichand, Health Ambassador for Salaam Bombay Foundation’s Preventive Health Education Programme, recently conducted a nutrition awareness and healthy budget-friendly recipe session at H.S.B.T. School, Andheri. The initiative aims to instill the importance of healthy living and provide practical nutritional knowledge to the younger generation.

Chef Amrita Raichand expressed, “I am thrilled to be visiting the students of Salaam Bombay Foundation once again and whipping up healthy and nutritious dishes on a budget with them. This time, we will be celebrating the spirit of our nation on Republic Day by cooking up some delicious dishes that are not only healthy but also reflect the diversity of our country. It’s always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and creativity of these young minds as they learn new recipes and techniques.”

Ms. Tshering D. Bhutia, Chief Innovation Officer and Sr. VP Preventive Health, Salaam Bombay Foundation, emphasized, “Chef Amrita Raichand brings valuable practical knowledge and a carefully curated collection of recipes, all designed to motivate students to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Her association with us is serving as a powerful catalyst in promoting healthy eating and cooking habits among both students and parents alike. We are delighted to welcome her aboard. Her authentic passion for cooking and natural charisma undeniably makes a lasting impression on the students she engages with.”

On the anvil of Republic Day 2024, Chef Amrita encouraged students to bring in patriotic colours to their dishes. She taught them to prepare a tricolour healthy sandwich with fresh picks from the School’s Kitchen Garden, symbolizing the vibrant diversity of the nation. This not only added creativity to the cooking experience but also emphasized the significance of a balanced diet. Recognizing seasonal demands, Chef Amrita also introduced students to a nutritious ‘Ek Second Mein Shakti’ energy balls – a dry fruit snack, perfectly suited for cold weather.

The interactive session went beyond just cooking; it was an opportunity for the students and parents to understand the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used. This time, apart from sharing recipes, Chef Amrita also accompanies the students to the School’s Kitchen Garden, where they handpicked fresh produce, tended to by the team of student Health Monitors. Chef Amrita took the time to educate the students about the importance of incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts into their daily diet to ensure a well-rounded and nourishing intake.

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