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Chennai-Bengaluru Double Decker Express With Revised Coach Configuration

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Chennai: The of the revamped Chennai-Bengaluru Double Decker Express took place on Thursday, attracting a surge of passengers to experience the upgraded service. The train, now featuring a revised coach composition, debuted with a mix of non-AC second-class coaches and one general class coach, offering commuters a diverse range of travel options.

Previously comprising 10 AC double-decker coaches, the train’s new configuration has eight AC double-decker coaches, five non-AC coaches, and one general class coach. This alteration aims to cater to a broader spectrum of passengers, providing more choices for travellers seeking affordable and comfortable journeys.

The revamped double decker service promises a faster commute, completing the entire Chennai-Bengaluru route in just five hours and 10 minutes. This represents a notable reduction in travel time compared to other superfast trains, which typically take around 6 hours and 15 minutes to cover the same distance. Passengers welcomed this enhancement, anticipating more efficient and convenient travel experiences.

Similarly, changes have been implemented for the Coimbatore-Bengaluru UDAY Express. Formerly operating with seven AC double-decker chair car coaches, the train now boasts eight AC coaches, while maintaining its composition of five ‘second sitting non-AC reserved’ coaches. Notably, the Bengaluru Double Decker Express and Coimbatore UDAY Express, which previously operated with separate rakes, will now undergo the interchange of their rakes.

As per media reports, relocation of primary maintenance for the Coimbatore-Bengaluru UDAY Express rake from Bengaluru to Chennai. This shift in maintenance allocation in Bengaluru may have been necessitated by the introduction of a Vande Bharat Express.

Commenting on the development, S Vinoth Raj of Katpadi, a rail enthusiast, highlighted the persistent overcrowding issues faced by the Brindavan Express throughout the year. Raj noted the demand for a new intercity train between Bengaluru and Chennai during daylight hours, emphasising the importance of addressing growing commuter needs and enhancing connectivity between these key cities.

The introduction of the revamped Chennai-Bengaluru Double Decker Express represents a significant step towards meeting the evolving demands of passengers and improving rail connectivity between these bustling urban centres. As travellers embrace these enhancements, railway authorities remain committed to further enhancing the efficiency and comfort of the region’s rail services.

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