China under illegal occupation of 38,000 square kilometres of Indian land: Defence Minister

From Bhupen Goswami 

guwahathi: China is increasing its military presence near the Arunachal Pradesh border. He is also building major infrastructure for the PLA army. The Indian Army has also thrown full strength to control the enemy. According to a report by the Indian Army North-East Headquarters, new premises have come up between India and China at a distance of about 5.5 km north-east of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) camp, in the McMahon line near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Amidst the stiff challenge from India in Ladakh, China has stepped up the Arunachal border. In response, the Indian Army is also fully prepared and has increased vigilance in ‘ 6 disputed areas ‘ and ‘ 4 sensitive areas ‘ during the 1962 war bordering China. “The names of these four disputed areas are Aspila, Longju, Besa and Majha and are located in Upper Subansiri district,” said a highly placed Indian Army north-east headquarters source. Here, China has also built a road near the LAC. “China asserts its authority over the entire aspila sector and, therefore, there is a lot of controversy about it,” he added. The chinese army has increased its movement in parts adjoining Arunachal Pradesh amid continued tension over the past few months, the source said.

However, officers of the Indian Army and security agencies are keeping an eye on every movement in China. The Indian Army is also fully prepared to deal with any movement like any Ladakh and Galwan Valley in China and patrolling on the Chinese border has been increased. Not able to tick in winter China, ‘ the Aspila sector at a very high altitude is a very difficult position for both India and China and the Chinese army cannot dare to stay here in winter. They will be completely cut off from here for the next 3 months. “‘Winter’ is overshadowed by China. With tensions escalating with China in the McMahon line near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, the army has begun preparations for a long confrontation in the winter season.

The Indian Army is preparing to deploy Bofors howitzer artillery there. However, these “winters” are overshadowed by China PLA. According to sources, Ladchu China is now trying to plot a nefarious act on the border with Arunachal Pradesh. For this, a large number of people’s Liberation Army Jawans have been taken up for deployment. In addition, chinese army movements have also been observed in the interior of this part. All these are being monitored by the Government of India and the army is also fully vigilant at the strategy level.

A senior officer of the Indian Army Gajraj Corps in Tezpur said that meanwhile, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today said that China is under illegal occupation of 38,000 sq km of Indian land and considers 90,000 sq km as its own, saying that the line of actual control (LAC) has not been clearly destroyed. Talking to the Indian Army headquarters in Tezpur through video conference on the issue of building major infrastructure for the PLA army, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that if China made another act by joining the army with Pakistan, it would be very costly for both enemy countries. Speaking about Arunachal Pradesh, the Defence Minister said that “Arunachal Pradesh was always in India and is in India and will remain in India”. It has no other meaning. He warned China that it would be okay to stay where China’s PLA army is now.

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