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Chinese Force continues joint exercises around Taiwan

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Singapore: Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Friday continued joint combat exercises and training in the waters and airspace around the Taiwan Island. According to a Chinese news agency the exercises took place in the waters and airspace off the northern, southwestern and eastern coasts of the island.

More than 10 destroyers and frigates conducted joint blockade operations in the waters around the island, while a number of frigates, missile ships and ground-to-ship missile units engaged in stimulated assaults aimed at major maritime targets.

The theater command’s air force corps deployed multiple types of warplanes, including fighters, bombers, early warning aircraft and electronic reconnaissance planes, on missions such as reconnaissance, airspace control, support and cover, and airstrikes.

Quoting Military sources the News Agency said that the army corps and conventional missile force of the Eastern Theater Command remained in a state of readiness and conducted supporting tasks.

All units have been placed on high alert for any possible emergencies.

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