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Dazzling Diwali Decor Illuminates Pacific Malls

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Delhi: As the festival of Diwali approaches, Pacific Group is proud to unveil spectacular

installations at six of its iconic malls, transforming them into enchanting hubs of festivity and tradition. The decorative wonders at Pacific Mall Tagore Garden, D21 Dwarka, NSP-Pitampura, Pacific Premium Outlets Mall, Jasola,  Dehradun, and The Mall of Faridabad promise to captivate visitors with their beauty and significance.

Pacific Mall Tagore Garden Presents “The Upside Down Lotus Flower” by Paper Plumes:

“Love at first sight” is an understatement when one gazes upon “The Upside Down Lotus Flower” at Pacific Mall Tagore Garden. Installation is a towering representation of Diwali’s spirit, with its petals adorned in a gradient of Diwali colors and intricate mirror mosaic detailing. Designed by Elementa Designs, This sculptural marvel serves as a metaphor for the festival’s essence, symbolizing the transition from darkness to light and the triumph of good over evil. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, the flame of hope and joy can guide our way to brilliance.

Standing tall at a remarkable 24 feet, “The Upside Down Lotus Flower” is a dazzling blend of metal, lights, acrylic, and filigree artwork, exuding the radiant spirit of the Festival of Lights, Diwali.

Pacific NSP Features “The Blue Elephant” Installation and  Pacific Premium Outlets Mall, Jasola mall has installed “Lavender Elephant” by AR (Harsons) from Bengaluru:

At Pacific NSP Pitampura mall, visitors will be welcomed by the majestic “Blue Elephant,” a symbol of wisdom, strength, and good luck in many cultures. This contemporary art piece, adorned with traditional motifs, signifies the harmonious merger of the modern generation with time-honoured traditions. Rangoli designs on the elephant extend a heartfelt welcome to prosperity, while Lotus Petals adorning the elephant usher in warmth, purity, and joy into our households.

Pacific Premium Outlets Jasola has featured “Lavender Elephant” which holds a special place in the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights. This vibrant and gentle creature symbolises purity, prosperity, and good fortune in Hindu culture.  It represents the auspiciousness of the occasion and is believed to bring blessings and positivity into one’s life. The Lavender Elephant’s presence adds an enchanting touch to the festivities, contributing to the joy and the spiritual significance of celebration.

Pacific D21, Dwarka Mall Shines with the “Deepam or Diya” Installation by NV Concepts:

Deepam or Diya holds deep-rooted symbolism in the Diwali festivities. At Pacific D21 Dwarka mall, the installation artfully interprets this symbol in an illuminated fashion, crafted in polished gold frames. Flanked by lotus motifs on both sides, the installation radiates the warm and inviting glow of Diwali.

What makes this installation even more captivating is its rotating base, creating a dynamic center of interest for visitors. With dimensions measuring a width of 20 feet and a height of 10 feet, it is sure to leave an indelible mark on all who witness it.

The Mall of Faridabad proudly introduces the “Diwali Lotus Extravaganza”

A towering representation of the spirit of Diwali. Designed by the renowned Elementa Designs, this majestic installation is a testament to the festival’s essence—symbolising the transition from darkness to light and the victory of good over evil. Join us as we celebrate the triumph of light and experience the magic of Diwali in Faridabad.

Pacific Mall Dehradun basks in mesmerizing sight of orchid garden illuminated in vibrant shades of pink and golden

Pacific Mall Dehradun is proud to usher in the festive season with a breathtaking display of Diwali decor that will leave visitors in awe. As you step into the heart of the mall, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing sight – an enchanting orchid garden illuminated in vibrant shades of pink and golden, reminiscent of the brilliance of Diwali. Inspired by the allure of light, glamour, and fireworks that define this joyous celebration, the display features playful designs showcasing California raised orchids, gracefully nestled in a love seat of intricate filigree lanterns, infusing an air of royalty and elegance. The ornamental garden is a true masterpiece, brimming with meticulously crafted handmade flowers, and dreamy globe lamps that transport you to a world of enchantment and magic.

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