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Dr. Pradeep Mahajan honored with the Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024 for his groundbreaking work in Regenerative Medicine

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Mumbai: It’s a proud moment as Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, the Founder and CMD of StemRx Hospital and Research Centre, and StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt Ltd, receives the esteemed Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024. This recognition celebrates his pioneering work in regenerative medicine, highlighting his significant contributions to the field. Dr. Mahajan’s dedication, leadership, and innovative spirit have truly made a difference in the lives of many.

Known for his remarkable achievements, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan is highly respected in the field of regenerative medicine. His groundbreaking clinical successes and scholarly contributions have earned him a well-deserved reputation. Through his work, he has not only improved individual lives but has also pushed the boundaries of medical science itself. His associations with prestigious institutions like MUHS, ITM, and Amity University reflect his commitment to education and research. Additionally, his certification from the American Board of Regenerative Medicine speaks volumes about his expertise and proficiency. He is enthusiastic in exploring alternative therapies for life-threatening diseases and painful conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, aims to provide cost-effective solutions with minimal side effects.

Speaking after receiving the prestigious award Dr. Pradeep Mahajan expressed, “I am really honored and thankful to have received the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award. This acknowledgment is a testimonial to the diligence, commitment, and enthusiasm that every Stemrx employee gives to their job each and every day. Finally, I would like to thank you again for this amazing honor. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead of us and proud of the work we’ve accomplished. This award serves as motivation for us to keep moving forward with our development, impact, and positive change initiatives in addition to acknowledging our prior accomplishments”.

Guided by his visionary leadership, StemRx Hospital and Research Centre, and StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt Ltd has become a leader in regenerative medicine, providing state-of-the-art solutions to patients globally. Driven by a philosophy that emphasizes the inherent healing potential within each individual i.e. “You carry your own repairing kits in your body”, Dr. Mahajan has spearheaded numerous groundbreaking treatments, including the world’s youngest case of Cerebral Palsy and the first instance of Empty Nose Syndrome in India. Notable among these are the successful cases of Cerebral Palsy and Empty Nose Syndrome, setting benchmarks in medical history. With 26 research papers to his name, Dr. Mahajan continues to lead the way in revolutionizing regenerative medicine, setting a standard of excellence and innovation in healthcare. This is an award that serves as a testament to the struggles and perseverance of patients suffering from various medical conditions.

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