Dry run for Corona vaccination begins in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Assam

New Delhi:The dry run for COVID-19 vaccination has begun in India. In the first phase, four states – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Assam began the two day exercise from today.

The aim of the exercise is to identify challenges and make required changes in the plan so that the final process becomes foolproof.

The Health Ministry said, this two days exercise will provide a hands-on experience to programme managers at various levels.

This will also enable end-to-end mobilisation and testing of COVID-19 vaccination process, except the vaccine and check the usage of Co-WIN in field environment, the linkages between planning, implementation and reporting mechanisms and identify challenges and guide way forward prior to actual implementation including improvements that may be required in the envisaged process.

The Ministry said, an important focus of the dry run will be on management of any possible adverse events following immunisation.

The mock drill will include concurrent monitoring and review at the block and district levels, and preparation of feedback to be shared with the State and Union Health Ministry.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta from Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, explains about the dry run.

Dr. Gupta also urged people not to take the infection lightly even after vaccine is introduced and take all precautions to stay safe and healthy.  

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