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During pandemic, Telangana witnesses a 54% rise in coffee exports: Report

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Hyderabad : Drip Capital, Inc, a global trade finance company, recently released a report examining the coffee trade across different regions of India. From analyzing proprietary and publicly available data, getting insights from coffee exporters in the country, to understanding several emerging market trends brewing in the industry, the report speaks in-depth about the dynamics of the coffee sector. 

In FY20, Telangana exported US$ 13Mn coffee, most of which were instant coffee exports. Interestingly, during the pandemic, the state witnessed a 54% rise in coffee exports, bringing the export number to US$ 20Mn in FY21.

Drip Capital’s research attributes this change to a rise in demand for convenience during the pandemic, leading to increased export value realization for instant coffee. As of FY20, the export volume of instant coffee has grown at a 10-year CAGR of 4%, and the export value has increased at an 8% CAGR.

Pushkar Mukewar, Co-Founder and CEO, Drip Capital, said, “As a commodity, instant coffee enjoys the product feature of convenience- a quality in high demand and vital to today’s global, fast-paced life. Hence, Indian exporters must stay abreast of developing trends in the instant coffee exports market. Also, to boost India’s overall coffee exports, many other Indian states could benefit from mimicking Andhra Pradesh by setting up several coffee processing plants.”

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