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Eminent Road Safety Experts for Including Road Safety In The School Curriculum

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New Delhi:   The road safety should be incorporated in the school curriculum through the existing subjects presently being taught in the schools.

Eminent road safety experts and educationists participating at a webinar on ‘Education & campaign for promoting road safety’ organized by the India chapter of the Geneva based global Road safety body International Road Federation (IRF)  stressed on the need of introducing ‘Road safety’ should be introduced in school curriculum in subtle way through various subjects of their existing study thus not further burdening the students with new subjects .

 “ Road safety should be incorporated as the rules and knowledge of road traffic within the existing curriculum of subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. As everybody on the road is for purpose including going to school , work etc and road caters to different kind of people including cyclist, tonga and large vehicles, the driver upbringing plays a vital role “ said Ms Meenakshi Sahni, Principal, Modern  School speaking at the webinar

“At the time of school passout students turn 18 years and first seek a driving license.  We are all aware that curriculum encompasses all such activities which help children to acquire knowledge. Work assignments and activities within the school curriculum enrich the values and attitudes of the children. The schools have a broad based responsibility to develop and prepare the student for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life including road safety” Ms Sahni said.

“A curriculum, with  broad scope of such parameters with necessary modification and updation in the current curriculum through a hidden curriculum (embedded within existing subjects) will not only help  enhance safety for our children while using the roads, but also will develop a road safety culture through an upcoming generation” she added.

“Education is a pivot included in Decade of Action for Road Safety initiative announced by United Nations with goal to reduce fatal road accidents by 50% by the end of year 2030  Given the circumstances of each country, a proper education program is necessary especially in India which accounts for more than 11 % of global road accident deaths “ said  Prof. Prajapati Trivedi . a distinguished educationist speaking at the webinar

“Education plays a key role in education and institutionalization of traffic behaviors, and the curriculum on traffic safety should be included in all grades and educational levels of students based on their age and are taught in a practical manner. Due to a high interaction between parents and children, the education of children will affect parents. Moreover, the television and radio should also provide traffic education so that this interaction can continue to reach safe traffic behavior. “ said Dr Arun Mohan, Senior advocate , Supreme Court and a road safety expert.

Others who spoke at the webinar included  mR Arun Lakshman and prof P K Sikdar both rod safety experts

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