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Entering share market can boost growth of SMEs: Infopark event

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Kochi: Small and marginal companies in Kerala enjoy immense scope for growth by entering the stock market, experts said at an Infopark-organised event here today.

Kerala comes foremost among the country’s state that gives financial grant to small-scale companies coming up with IPO (initial public offering), they noted at ‘Tech Sense’ aimed at facilitating firms to engage with industry leaders and gain insights about the latest trends.

The three-hour session at Thapasya Auditorium in Infopark Kochi was led by Indorient Financial Services Managing Director and CEO Soumya Padhi and the company’s Head of Startup Division (Fundraising/Strategy) Siju Narayan, besides NSE India Senior Manager (Primary Markets Relationships) Himanshu Srivastava.

Srivastava, in his class on ‘Non-Conventional Avenues of Fundraising and Value Creation of SMEs’, said the state government funds 50 per cent of IPO expenses or maximum of Rs 1 crore to the companies. “NSE has a dedicated section to assist firms coming up with IPO,” he pointed out, noting that entering stock market makes it ideal for growth-aspiring firms that are looking for resource mobilisation beyond private capital.

Padhi, while leading a session on ‘The Role of Merchant Banks in IPO’, said entrepreneurs should ready themselves two years ahead of entering the share market. While prescribing “at least nine months” for merchant banks to brace up for IPO, he narrated the allied risks by recalling instances from one’s experience.

Narayan, in his talk on ‘Launch, Development, Capital Mobilisation and IPO’, highlighted the importance of trust and transparency among startups entering the stock market.

Representatives from 50 companies and educational institutions participated in Tech Sense, getting updated on the newest trends in the industry and getting a chance to interact with stakeholders. Infopark CEO Susanth Kurunthil gave mementos to the speakers.

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