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Five day ‘Art for Climate Action’ in Delhi

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New Delhi: About 100 young and renowned artists in various fields from across the nation will be taking part in a Five day ‘Art for Climate Action ; India Art Facts ‘ summit to be held in the national capital Delhi from September 1-5, 2023.

The Five day ‘Art for Climate Action ; India Art Facts ‘ summit is being organised by the ‘Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artist ( ODIAA), an apex body of artists with active support from Union Ministry of Textiles and in collaboration with The National Craft Museum & Hastakala Academy, Pragati Maidan New Delhi.

“During the mega event ‘Art for Climate action ‘to be held at National Crafts Museum & Hastkal Academy in Pragati Maidan eminent artist from various states and union territories will be showcasing and exhibiting through power of their imagination and tools the undeniable reality of environmental damage, while emphasising the need for a sustainable lifestyle.” Said Mr Kshitish Chandra Das Secretary Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artist (ODIAA)

“Through their boundless creativity and eco-conscious artistry, these 100 young and renowned artists will convey the undeniable reality of environmental damage while underlining the urgency of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Some artists have already begun reevaluating their choice of artistic mediums, gravitating toward sustainable options such as ephemeral art, land art, and upcycled art. The solution offered here is to engage in practical, minor changes that promote environmental sustainability through art. Artists embracing experimentation can venture into upcycling, utilizing common household items like discarded woodblocks, paper, cardboard, metals, waste materials and any resource readily available to create masterpieces.” Said Mr Das .

 “This summit promises to be a transformative experience, where art transcends traditional boundaries and becomes a powerful advocate for climate action. We expect art enthusiasts, environmentalists, and the general public to join us to witness the fusion of art and environmental consciousness. The major highlight of the vent will be Gotipua dance of Lord Jagannath puri , Odisha during the event.” Said Mr Das.

“The Summit to be visited by Ambassadors of G20 countries, MP’s and ministers will also include various panel discussions on this theme as well as screen movies and documentaries made by the internationally acclaimed film producers. “ he added.

Some of the eminent artist participating in the summit will include Santosh Kumar, Photographer, Priyanshu chaurasia, print maker, Jitrender Prajapati, Sculpture, Chinmayee Behere, Painter, Gagan Mandal, painter, Vandana Kumari, Painter, Neetu, Ceramist, Sukanya, Sculpture, Jagriti Kathuria,painting, Pranati Das, Painting and Debasis.

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