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Flood in Libya: At least 2000 people feared dead and thousands more missing

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London: In Libya, at least 2000 people are feared dead and thousands more missing due to heavy flooding. The flood caused by Storm Daniel, swept away entire neighbourhoods in eastern Libya and wrecked homes in multiple coastal towns. Derna in eastern Libya, is said to be the worst affected city and has become inaccessible. The Libyan Red Crescent on the other hand, has put the number of people killed at around 200 and said that the toll is most likely to rise further.

Around 5000 to 6000 people are reportedly still missing. Two dams in Derna, have reportedly collapsed, submerging much of the area and drowning some residents. A curfew has been imposed in eastern Libya by the officials. Schools and shops have been ordered to close. Four major oil ports were also closed because of the storm.

Storm Daniel which struck Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria last week swept in over the Mediterranean on Sunday. The storm is also expected to arrive in parts of west Egypt where the meteorological authorities have warned about possible rain and bad weather. According to Climate scientists, global warming is the major cause behind this. They have warned that more water evaporating during the summer is leading to more intense storms.

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