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FundVice announces $11 million Ryoma Ventures Capital for Revenue Generating Startups

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FundVice,a hybrid of investment banking and start-up acceleration has announced an all-inclusive $11 million venture capital in India. The new fund, Ryoma Ventures, will be a true sector-agnostic fund with a focus on revenue-generating start-ups no matter what stage they are in.

The company plans to close this fund soon with its present investors and is also looking at collaborations with other investors and funds.

FundVice has said that henceforth, it will be investing only in future dragons and unicorns and is planning to create unicorns and dragons by structuring them wisely. Commenting on the announcement, Ms.HeenaAroora, Managing Director, FundVice and Ryoma Ventures said, “We have seen exciting start-ups that are revenue-generating but what they lack is the right support of investors. Various incubators, accelerators and mentors that have been supporting the team of FundVice to support start-ups reach the heights they are at, but still lack investors. To support them, we took the decision to start this fund, with the support of everyone, as the next step towards making a dent in the start-up ecosystem.”

In recent times, FundVice has tried to bring in a change in the whole ecosystem by not only raising funds of over Rs. 60 Crore in a year for start-ups, but also by providing mentorship and curation. But FundVice felt that this was not enough and moved to a direct advisory role in start-ups of various domains like Ed-Tech, Logi-Tech and Fin-Tech.

FundVice is planning to raise over Rs.150 crore after curating start-ups which shall be live in the market soon. By the end of 2021, the company plans to raise over Rs.250 crore and accelerate at least 50 deals. Recently, FundVice orchestrated the seed round for India’s first clean beauty marketplace Vanity Wagon and the company plans to replicate its success with more fruitful investments in the future.

FundVice chose the Japanese name Ryoma as it is a globally inclusive fund focused on the future. In Japanese, Ryoma means a dragon and a horse. The name was chosen because a dragon is a term used for a start-up raising $1 Billion in a single round and a horse or a unicorn is a start-up with a valuation of above $1 Billion.

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