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G-SHOCK launches the limited-edition GMA-P2100W ahead of International Women’s Day 2024

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New Delhi: This year, as a special tribute to International Women’s Day on March 8, G-SHOCK proudly unveils the GMA-P2100W, a limited-edition timepiece designed specifically to commemorate this significant occasion. Drawing inspiration from the tradition of gifting mimosa flowers to women, this special edition watch features a delightful mimosa yellow color, symbolizing appreciation, and recognition for women’s remarkable achievements.

The timepiece boasts a slimmer and more compact design with a shortened band length, ensuring optimal comfort for smaller wrists. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, the bezel and band feature bio-based resin derived from renewable organic resources. Encased in a special box adorned with mimosa yellow, this limited-edition timepiece not only embodies elegance and style but also serves as a meaningful representation of G-SHOCK’s commitment to celebrating and empowering women across the globe.

In sync with the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ for International Women’s Day 2024, G-SHOCK stands as a powerful advocate for supporting and recognising women from diverse backgrounds. This year’s theme encourages embracing the entirety of women’s experiences, spanning origins, economic status, and political beliefs, with the goal of creating a world where every woman feels valued, empowered, and an integral part of the global community. G-SHOCK’s commitment to this inclusive vision is reflected in its work with inspiring women over the years who have dared to go beyond the conventional norms and follow their passions. Over the years, G-SHOCK has forged notable partnerships with influential figures such as the Korean band ITZY, and has actively supported women-centric initiatives to spread awareness such as Breast Cancer Awareness amongst others. These contributions underline the brand’s dedication to championing women and their achievements, fostering a culture where women can aspire to be anything and everything they desire.

Additionally, G-SHOCK has associated with the exceptional women across diverse fields who unabashedly challenge the status quo, including the 3D/CG artist YUKARI, G-SHOCK athlete and professional skateboarder Aori Nishimura, professional surfer Sakura Johnson, and professional skateboarder Cocona Hiraki for this special range. Behind the impressive accomplishments of these women is the hard work they have put in to overcome setbacks and their never-ending spirit of challenge. The brand G-SHOCK is committed to inspire and support women across different extreme sports who embody the spirit of courage and resilience. The initiative aligns seamlessly with G-SHOCK’s commitment to foster the growth and empowerment of emerging sub-cultures in India and across the world.

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