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GE Vernova Champions LGBTQAI+ Inclusion with Pride Walks Across India campuses

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Bengaluru: GE Vernova demonstrated its unwavering commitment to LGBTQAI+ inclusion by hosting Pride Walks across seven of its campuses in India. Over 1,100 GE Vernova employees, allies, and members of the community participated in the walks held across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai, Durgapur, and Vadodara.

Celebrating the Pride Walks, Shilpa Gupta, CTO, India, GE Vernova, said, “We strongly believe that an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued unlocks the full potential of our talent and fosters innovation. The Pride Walks are a powerful symbol of our commitment to creating a space that celebrates the unique contributions of all individuals. The initiative is an extension of many programs that are being led by our Pride Alliance to propagate positive change. As we celebrate Pride month, it is truly an honour to witness the collective spirit of our employees as they express solidarity to the LGBTQAI+ community.”

At GE Vernova India, Pride Month is marked by a series of thoughtfully curated activities aimed at promoting inclusion within the company. The walks will serve as forums for open dialogue, sharing case examples, and spreading awareness about LGBTQAI+ diversity, reinforcing GE Vernova’s commitment to inclusivity. In-person and hybrid sensitization sessions will be organized for employees across various sites, aimed at deepening awareness around the LGBTQAI+ and sparking conversations. Additionally, the company will host members of the LGBTQAI+ community and NGOs, facilitating the sharing of lived experiences and fostering connections within teams.

The Pride Alliance is one of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at GE Vernova that have been working actively to nurture diversity and inclusion. The group raises awareness around LGBTQAI+ issues and provides support and advocacy for creating inclusive work environments. The alliance now has over 250 allies in India who are working to enhance workplace inclusiveness through sensitization and by raising adequate awareness.

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