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Give your Navratri a healthy twist with the goodness of almonds

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Navratri, a festival of dance, devotion, and vibrant colours, marks one of the most auspicious times in the Indian calendar. It is not just a festival in India but a celebration of faith, community, and tradition. Spanning nine days, the festival is marked by vibrant dances, colourful dresses, and the collective reverence of Goddess Durga. Amid the joyous celebrations, fasting remains a distinct tradition.

During the Navratri celebration, some people choose to fast while others embrace the Sattvik/ pure vegetarian diet. In this landscape of dietary restraint, almonds stand out not just as a tasty inclusion but also as a nutritional powerhouse. One of the remarkable traits of almonds is its satiating properties, ensuring that those who consume them feel full and satisfied.

Almonds may look tiny, but they have a lot to offer in terms of nutritional value. Boasting a profile of 15 nutrients, including vitamin E, dietary fiber, protein[1], riboflavin, manganese, and folate[2], almonds offer more than just satiety. Several scientific studies have further illuminated the multifaceted benefits of regular almond consumption. From promoting heart health[3] and aiding diabetes[4] management to enhancing skin health[5], and assisting in weight management[6], almonds have proven their mettle time and again.

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