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Goldmedal Celebrates the Spirit of Diwali with a New Ad Campaign ‘Ghar Ghar Lagta Hai’

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Mumbai: Goldmedal Electricals, one of India’s leading electrical manufacturing companies, has released a new digital video ad campaign in time for Diwali. The campaign showcases several of Goldmedal’s products, including doorbells, LED lighting and home automation solutions, against the backdrop of friends and family visiting a home during the festival of lights – with the voiceover highlighting the core message that it is the joy that loved ones bring with their presence that truly makes a “home feel like a home” (‘Ghar Ghar Lagta Hai’).

Conceptualized by FoxyMoron, the campaign is a heart-warming reflection on the important role that friends and family play in making joyous occasions feel complete, while also depicting how Goldmedal’s products elevate your festive experience.

Commenting on the new campaign, Kishan Jain, Director of Goldmedal Electricals said “Festivals are a time to enjoy the company of loved ones within the warmth of our homes. Goldmedal’s products, including our LED lighting, doorbells and home automation solutions, enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your spaces and offer a convenient, hassle-free experience amidst the bustle of the festive season. At the same time, we wanted to highlight, through this ad campaign, that what truly makes our home feel complete during these joyous moments, is the presence of our friends and family.”

Speaking about the campaign, Shubit Rakshit, Business Director, FoxyMoron said “Zoo Media Network is delighted to partner with Goldmedal to introduce the ‘Ghar Ghar Lagta Hai’ campaign—a compelling illustration of synergized endeavours. FoxyMoron as the lead agency, and The Rabbit Hole as the specialist Video Marketing agency in our network, collaborated to actualize this vision. The campaign’s integrated creative strategy and lifestyle-centric narrative were meticulously crafted to resonate emotionally with consumers, effectively spotlighting Goldmedal’s diverse portfolio. Our objective was to forge a narrative that transcends a singular event, evolving into a scalable initiative seamlessly integrated across the brand and its complete product spectrum.”

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