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        GROHE Intellekt #TechTalk

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GROHE, under the aegis of GROHE Intellekt, organized its first-ever event #TechTalk with great zest and grandeur. Rooted in the brand pillars of quality, technology, design, and sustainability, GROHE curated this first-of-a-kind initiative to inspire and educate Architects and Designers by making them aware of new-age technologies so that they become future-ready in their practice.

GROHE India unveiled GROHE Intellekt with a collaborative conversation on AI and architecture. The first initiative under this brand sphere has pledged to bring exciting, inspiring, and thought-provoking sessions, workshops, discussions, and much more for the Architect and Designer fraternity.

GROHE Intellekt #TechTalk powered by GHV Accelerator was a huge success considering it was the first initiative under this brand aegis. GHV is an organization that assists start-ups in growing multifold, sustainably, and rapidly. Together, these organizations have ventured out to create an impact.

#TechTalk was crafted to bring the Architect community together to ponder over the smart future that beholds us. The first edition of the #TechTalk series was themed upon ‘Unlocking the Promise of Artificial Intelligence’. They had invited experts from the field of AI to enlighten the hows and whys of AI, as well as address the question of how, as an architect or designer, one can apply AI in practice. The main aim of the event was to help develop and immortalize the knowledge of the design community.

They were joined by Mr. Sriram, the Founder of DAVEAI, one of India’s leading AI start-ups, who gave an insightful speech on the resurgence of AI. Following him was Architect Monish Siripurapu, Founder of ANT Studio, who has been adopting AI in his Design practice. Both the speakers conveyed the knowledge of Al and its immense potential, also highlighting how it will shape the future of architecture and design. The insight shared by these industry experts captivated the audience and enriched the already existing knowledge of many architects and designers. GROHE Intellekt was hosted at The LIXIL Studio and is looking forward to many more sessions and workshops in the near future.

Speaking on GROHE Intellekt Mr. Bobby Joseph Leader LWT India & Subcontinent (GROHE & American Standard) said, “With the inclusion of AI in almost every part of our lives, there has never been a better time than now, to start understanding and investing efforts into the promise of AI in the field of Architecture and Design. This journey will continue into an event series where GROHE Intellekt will continue making its mark on the architecture and design community.”

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