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Hatsun Agro: Remarkable Growth in Milk Procurement, Ensures Supply Stabilit

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New Delhi:  Hatsun Agro, a leading player in the dairy industry and Chairman Mr R G Chandramogan, proudly announces a significant surge in milk procurement, ensuring a robust and stable supply for the coming months. In response to last year’s challenges, the company has undertaken strategic measures to overcome supply shortages and inflated purchase prices.

Following a meticulous correction in selling prices and moderation of purchase prices, Hatsun Agro has experienced a remarkable upswing in milk procurement volume. In the months of September and October, the company achieved an impressive 25% increase in procurement, thanks to the establishment of additional collection centers and the inclusion of more farmers across all states.

The figures speak for themselves – in September, Hatsun Agro procured over 11 crore liters of milk, and in October, the company reached an all-time high, collecting over 12 crore liters of milk in a single month. This exceptional growth in procurement not only signifies the company’s commitment to overcoming challenges but also positions Hatsun Agro as a reliable and sustainable source of dairy products.

With the expanded network of collection centers and the inclusion of more farmers, Hatsun Agro confidently asserts that there will be no recurrence of supply shortages experienced last year. The proactive steps taken by the company have not only addressed past issues but have also set the stage for continued growth and stability in the dairy supply chain.

Hatsun Agro remains dedicated to providing quality dairy products to consumers while ensuring fair practices for farmers. The company expresses gratitude to its stakeholders for their continued support and looks forward to a future of sustained growth and success.

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