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Heartfulness’s Yog Mahotsav campaign ‘Har Dil Dhyan, Har Din Dhyan’ at L B Stadium

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Hyderabad: The three-day Yog Mahotsav by Heartfulness in association with the Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India) and Govt. of Telangana kicked off at L B Stadium in Hyderabad on Friday. Over 5000 participants aged above 15 joined the event at the venue. The campaign called ‘Har Dil Dhyan, Har Din Dhyan’ is aimed at promoting awareness and benefits of yogasanas, pranayama, mudras and meditation especially among youth, corporate and governmental bodies. Shri Srinivas Goud – Hon’ble Minister of Prohibition & Excise, Sports & Youth services, Tourism & Culture and Archaeology of Telangana and Shri Pullela Gopichand – ace Indian Badminton Coach along with Heartfulness representatives launched the yoga festival. The yoga festival that will close on 19th of February is set to attract more than 10,000 participants and many more joining virtually. The participation in the event is entirely free of cost.

This is the first leg of Yog Mahotsav by Heartfulness in its 75 Yog Mahotsav series across the country along with 7500 Dhyan Shivirs as part of various schools, colleges, corporates, villages and ashrams of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. The second is soon to come up in Warangal from March 3-5, 2023. The 75 series is also to coincide with the 75 years of India’s independence – also coinciding with Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations around the country.

The Yog Mahotsav has four themes viz., 1. Anxiety 2. Weight management 3. Hypertension and 4. Diabetes dedicated to each day respectively. Chairs are being provided for elderly or those who have ailments. The three-day event started on 17 Feb between 5-6.30 pm on Anxiety and is followed by Day 2 event at 8-10AM on Weight Management & 5-6.30PM on Hypertension. The programme closes on Day 3 with a session on Diabetes between 8-10AM. Each Yoga session will be followed by Heartfulness meditation. While there is no virtual participation, there will be live streaming.

Shri Srinivas Goud – Hon’ble Minister of Prohibition & Excise, Sports & Youth services, Tourism & Culture and Archaeology of Telangana said, “It gives me immense happiness to see such a large turnout at today’s Yog Mahotsav. Anxiety is one of the most prevalent of conditions among people today. One must learn to be in control of one’s thoughts and actions which is aided very well by yoga and meditation. I think Heartfulness is doing a beautiful job in this direction.”

Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’, Guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide said, “When we talk about balance in life, the balance has also to begin from within. It’s not always about work-life balance and so on. It must be about the balance within. Both spiritual and materialistic aspects must be balanced. This knowledge comes from yog and meditation alone.”

Shri Pullela Gopichand, ace Indian Badminton Coach said, “One of the most important things in any sport is to leave anxiety behind before a match. But most people are gripped by anxiety most times. This must go. The balance and control come through yog and meditation. I have been an ardent yog and Heartfulness meditation practitioner and I see the difference it can bring to sports or any area of life for that matter.”

The participation in the Yog Mahotsav is open to all and registration for the event can be done on

Heartfulness offers a simple set of meditative practices and lifestyle changes, first developed at the turn of the twentieth century and formalized into teaching through the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in 1945 in India with a goal to bring peace, happiness, and wisdom to one heart at a time. These practices are a modern form of Yoga designed to support contentment, inner calm, and stillness, compassion, courage, and clarity of thought, as the first step towards a purposeful life. They are simple and easily adopted and are appropriate for people from all walks of life, cultures, religious beliefs, and economic situations, who are over the age of fifteen. Ongoing training in Heartfulness practices continues at thousands of schools and colleges, and over 100,000 professionals are meditating in corporations, non-governmental, and government bodies worldwide. More than 5,000 Heartfulness Centers are supported by many thousands of certified volunteer trainers and millions of practitioners in 160 countries.

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