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High alert issued in 14 states of the country till February 2021 : Report

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From Bhupen Goswami

Guwahathi: Another nefarious act of Pakistan has come to the fore. Intelligence agencies have alerted that Rohingya terrorists can create terror in India. Agencies say these terrorists have been trained in Myanmar and there has been a two lakh dollar transaction to terrorize India. Where the Indian Army’s intelligence agency has alerted the Home Ministry that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is also training terrorist groups in Myanmar. It also aims to destabilize countries by promoting cross-border terrorism. Sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India have given this information with the Directorate of Military Intelligence Corps of the Indian Army and the border police intelligence source.

Regarding this input in Guwahati today with the Directorate of Military Intelligence and border police intelligence source, the Union Home Ministry has said where the police administration of the states of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Jharkhand, etc., including Assam, Mijuram, Manipur, Nagaland and all north east, has been vigilant. The Directorate of Military Intelligence (India) is sending a sensational letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The letter said that Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh bordering Myanmar have become targets for terror groups. However, Bangladesh security expert Abdur Rashid said that in the recent past, extremist Rashah had made some efforts. But, Bangladesh had prevented them from carrying out terrorist activities. He said Pakistan can try to destabilize India by helping terror groups. But, Bangladesh will not allow any such activity to happen. According to Myanmar military officials, the Rohingya insurgent group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), an active Rohingya insurgent group in the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, has stepped up its activities. ARSA’s member is active in refugee camps.

Pakistan is helping them. Arsa leader Atullah was born in Pakistan and grew up in Saudi Arabia. He and his party have been trained by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). ARSA and JMB are connected. Their videos have come on social media during the training of weapons. According to the Report of the Indian Army Information Technology under the Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances for the Department of Defence, the Indian intelligence agency has busted a conspiracy by a Rohingya terror organization in Malaysia. The organisation is in the attack on India.

According to inputs received by security agencies, the terrorist organization can use a woman in an attack on India. The agencies have come to know about some financial transactions that are related to the wanted Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. The alert sent to the States says that terrorists can attack Ayodhya, Bodhgaya, Punjab and Srinagar. According to information received by the intelligence agency, a woman-led group trained in Myanmar can try to carry out an attack in the Indian city in the next few weeks. Now, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defence are very conscious. On Monday, the intelligence establishment has alerted the police and intelligence Bureau of Delhi, Haryana, up, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Manipur and West Bengal. This has been confirmed by a source. Which also includes Guwahati, Imphal, Agartala, Patna, Jharkhand, Shri Nagar, Punjab, New Delhi. For this reason, 14 states of the country will remain on high alert till Republic Day as the centre has asked all state police to be prepared to thwart any attempt by terrorists to attack the city.

The official source said that according to a document, cheap transactions worth two million dollars have been detected. The list of the transactions is being added between the disputed Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and the Rohingya leader of Kuala Lumpur Mohammad Naseer. The document says that a potential hawala dealer from Chennai has received a part of the fund. The Home Ministry source said that the Government of India has informed all neighbouring countries about the activity of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Further, the Government of India has asked the newly elected Government of Bangladesh and Myanmar to remain vigilant so that the government can know about the activities of the Pakistani intelligence agency.

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