Honour to Dr Santhosh Kumar Kraleti

Hyderabad: Dr Santhosh Kumar Kraleti, Hyderabad’s Doctor nominated to Country’s Apex Body for Medical Education, the National Medical Council.

It is great honour bestowed on him for the great yeoman service rendered by him

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Department of Health and Family Welfare), in its Gazette Notification dated , 24th September, 2020 nominated him.

He has been nominated as a Member in the Executive Board for a period of 4 years

Dr Santosh Kumar is General Secretary of Global Illumine, a foundation supporting school education for the needy and vulnerable.

Shri Santosh Kumar Kraleti, CEO, Foot Soldiers for Health Pvt Limited and

Founder & Executive Director of Dhaatri (Mother Milk Bank), Hyderabad.

India’s biggest Mother’s Milk Bank Dhaatri is at Niloufer is saving infants lives for the past two years with 6.78 lakh ml of milk donated and helps thousands of babies.

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