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iMerit Announces new Chief Technology & Product Officer

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Mumbai: iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, today announced the appointment ofRajsekharAikat as its new Chief Technology & Product Officer.Rajsekhar joins iMerit from Qualcomm, where he was Senior Director of Product Management.

“We’re excited to welcome Raj as we continue to develop proprietary technologies and solutions to meet the AI development and deployment needs of our customers,” said Radha Basu, Founder and CEO of iMerit. “Raj brings rich experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics. He will lead the technology innovation, strategy and product roadmap as we continue to build long-term strategic relationships with the leading global players in the space.”

“At iMerit we believe a data-centric approach is a key component to advancing AI, especially as companies get closer to production and need to solve complex edge cases in their data.  To achieve this successfully requires a combination of technology, talent and techniques to not only generate high-quality data, but also do it at enterprise scale. Raj will play a key role in taking our existing technologies and platforms to the next level,” said DD Ganguly, President of iMerit.

“I am excited to join iMerit as the Chief Technology & Product Officer. With the Cambrian explosion in machine learning across all facets of our lives, and the importance & complexity of data to enable these mega trends, I believe that iMerit is strongly positioned at the confluence of technology trends and ML solutions.” said RajsekharAikat on his appointment.

Rajsekhar has over 18 years of technical & product experience across multiple verticals, including automotive, IOT, robotics and telecom. Before Qualcomm, he was the Director of Product at Brain Corporation, where he was responsible for scaling BrainOSTM, an autonomous mobile robot platform & ecosystem, as well as overseeing the development and commercialization of commercial cleaning and delivery robots globally.

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