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Indian Army scale up strength along China border in Arunachal Pradesh

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 From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : The Indian Army has since stepped up its strength along the China border in Arunachal Pradesh. An Indian Air Force official said Rudra, Dhruv and Cheetah helicopters have been deployed along the China border with air missiles.

 According to the Indian Army report, the deployment has gradually increased. Not only this, the Indian Army has also improved the air fire power of its aviation wing. The Indian Army is said to have deployed Heran Eye drone, armed attack helicopter Rudra and Dhruv while a large number of cheetah helicopters were already deployed in the aviation wing in the force. According to the report, the Indian Army has erected a squadron of indigenously designed and developed advanced light helicopter Dhruv.It has also developed the first squadron of Rudra fighter helicopters.

Dhruv is a 5.5 tonne weight class double engine, multi roll is a new generation helicopter. This has been used in view of the immediate deployment of troops. Rudra is equipped with an air-to-air missile. It is the first fighter helicopter to add new strength to the army’s air fleet. Army officials said, the air wing pilot will be like an archer who will attack the enemy and kill them from a distance. Not only this, the Aviation Wing of the Indian Army has recently joined the Israeli UAV Heran Drone. Lt Col Amit Dadhwal of The Corps of Army Aviation says the aviation wing has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It has included several fighter helicopters including cheetahs. These weapons give such capabilities to the Army Commanders so that we can carry out all kinds of operations. In fact, the Chinese army’s aggression on the LAC is not going down. That is why the Indian Army has increased the frequency of surveillance in the border area to monitor its activities.

Army officials say surveillance capacity has increased since the establishment of the aviation wing. Now, commanders can be fed on the ground by going up to a height of 30,000 feet to facilitate the army to carry out operations on the ground.Meanwhile, the Indian Army is monitoring the LAC near the China border with a Heron Mark-1 drone at Misamari Army Aviation Base in Assam. The drones have been deployed close to the border to monitor China’s actions. India has taken the drone from Israel. These drones can fly up to a height of about 30,000 feet and are very helpful in monitoring the steps of the People’s Liberation Army of China along the border. With the help of this drone, the army can monitor the preparedness of the enemy army from hundreds of kilometres away, the construction work being carried out by them, etc., it acts like an army eye in difficult areas.  Army officials say the Chinese army is carrying out large scale construction work along the border with India. In addition, there have been frequent border violations on the border with other states by the Chinese army.

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