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Indian Women Entrepreneurs touched on diversity in 2022

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Women in India today have achieved success in every conceivable sphere, from business to beauty. They are on the rise, tapping diversity across sectors. Over a period, the industry has witnessed more women entrepreneurs and leaders. According to sources, Indian women dominate the workforce with their immense potential and lead the start-up ecosystem with 15.7 million women-owned enterprises. They are expected to shape and enhance the country’s future by adding over 30 million more women-owned businesses, which will provide approximately 150-170 million jobs by 2030.

An expanding number of women business owners have contributed significantly to the economy’s expansion. When it comes to creating jobs, influencing population trends, and encouraging the next generation of female business leaders, women-owned businesses play a crucial role in today’s society. Women also bring harmony while managing a successful company, and 2022 evidently substantiates it. Women entrepreneurs have challenged the industry and have excelled in diverse businesses, from beauty to launching new ventures, securing funding, and serving as company leaders.

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