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Inmask launches one of its kind Saviour Masks

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INMASK was created during the pandemic period to provide high quality yet low-cost cotton masks which everyone could use and afford. They provided adequate protection for people while maintaining social distancing. As things started unlocking, one needed more safety. The opening up of workplaces, use of public transport, visits to mall & grocery shops and now even schools meant crowded spaces with greater risk of contracting the virus.

The typical “safe masks” that exist in the market are made safe using melt blown layers used in disposable masks. These melt blown layers were neither reusable and certainly not washable. To circumvent this, these mask makers started covering each of these melt blown layers with water repellent layers rendering the masks un-breathable. This gave birth to the 6 layer, 8 layer masks. Layer after layer to hide the severe inherent deficiency of their masks.

This was the motivation to create the Inmask Saviour. Thanks to the partnership with leading American and European companies, they have created the most elegant solution to this problem.

Speaking about the Launch of “Saviour Masks” Founder Gaurav Longani says “With only 3 layers we are able to achieve a Microbial Filtration Efficiency of over 99%. The Saviour uses no melt blown layers to achieve this. Probably a first of its kind in India. The inner layer uses a patented bio-fabric that has self-sanitizing properties. It significantly reduces the microbial load within a very short period of time. These properties of the inner layer of the mask, last a lifetime. We have filed a Patent for the Saviour as it is a one-of-a-kind mask.”

The Saviour masks are a perfect combination of safety, comfort and convenience. The range of cotton masks and the Saviour masks by Inmask cover very specific needs of the consumer. You need the Saviour when you are visiting crowded places while the fashionable cotton masks work very well when social distancing is maintained.

INMASK has visionaries working towards one aim i.e. innovation for sustainability. With the introduction of INMASK SAVIOUR, they have successfully combined unprecedented protection with comfort. After an extensive research, Inmask team has designed three layers system that provides filter efficiency of 99%, making it one of the best masks available in the market. This innovation is truly an evolution of the masks.

So,Check out one of the most comfortable masks by Inmask made with 3 layers of smart fabric. This perfect everyday mask is one of the safest masks available in India that can be worn for a longer duration.

Price Range : Rs 799

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