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It is necessary to make the historic Sivasagar the heart of the tourists, Fearless Assam government and district administration

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Purusutam Kalita

SIVASAGAR : A master plan is needed to make the city of the historic Sivasagar a tourist hub. One such master plan was launched by the then law minister and former MLA from Sivasagar constituency late Pranab Gogoi. Barpukhu The historic Yamuna, which has a tragic shape around the river, was excavated and boated there. Along with arranging a flyover over the Yamuna passing by the station intersection and the avarta building, He shifted the offices of Sivasagar Jail, Forest Department and Public Construction Department from the banks of Barpukhuri and adopted an ambitious design to decorate the site with state-of-the-art flower parks like Mughal Garden in Delhi but that did not come to reality. In 2000, the then former Minister of Flood Control Late Pramod Gogoi, a 300-year-old resident of Rangpur in Sivasagar, focused on the free and conservation of historical resources, but such a dream remained a dream. Now the road from West Yamuna Road to Paredi Babupatti in Yamuna.

Saawa has taken a rare form. The accumulation of the waste of The Popasbhai Yamuna for months along the road has created a stinking atmosphere. The beautiful and smelly surroundings of the Yamuna around the historic barpukuri in the heart of Sivasagar city is a pathetic form. It is believed that a situation of nose and mouth cloth has arisen to travel on a road along the Yamuna. Various garbage and plastic items are thrown into the Yamuna from the commercial establishments and residential areas along the Yamuna. Some people filled the chest of the Yamuna with the cane and occupyed the vegetable bari, gudam, Private car parking lot etc. On the other hand local people alleged that the people living next to the Yamuna deposited the household items near the Yamuna as the municipality would dispose of the waste items, though the municipality would not be able to do so at the specified time.

The non-disposal of these causes a foul atmosphere on the banks of the Yamuna. In the last 18 years, the then District Collector, Mr. Narayan Konwar, was exposed at a cost of lakhs of rupees under a major scheme. The entire Yamuna was cleaned by the JCB though it later turned into a leaky fan as the yamuna version was not continued. The entire Yamuna was covered by aquatic weeds. At one point all the betting facilities near Anandram Baruah Park Yamuna has again become a huge drain due to lack of efficient management. The local people have called for making the hospitality Yamuna a centre of attraction for tourists by making it encroachment free and clean with appropriate action and well thought out manner.


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