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Itineris II- The Journey Within; A soul-touching journey of inner-self

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Dr Jyoti Kapoor

New Delhi/Gurugram: One of the renowned consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, is all set to take you on another soul-touching journey with her second book, Itineris II- The Journey Within. It is the sequel to her first anthology of the undulating course of love and its many expressions, Itineris- The Journey Through Mirages.

The sequel depicts how the human mind processes situations and feelings through various perspectives. Sometimes it is in a state of restlessness and hence perception is coloured with unrest and dissatisfaction. At other times, it is calmer and more accepting and can follow a more neutral approach. The book unravels how the mind evolves over a period of experiences and not just with time. It is divided in five parts based on the various aspects of the psyche experiencing and interpreting the world of emotions.

“Itineris II shows a dreamer who fantasizes an ideal world getting distraught as expectations are not meeting in real world. Also, it shows a seeker who starts to search for means of fulfilment of those fantasies, a wanderer who gets lost during the search and starts doubting the world while questioning existence, an observer who starts the process of neutral observation about how generally people perceive and react, and shows a believer who is able to accept its own capacity to find within what it sought in outer world,” says Dr. Jyoti.

The poetry style is the flavour of metaphors and analogies to depict an emotional state that can’t be defined by the rules of language alone. It shows how the outer world is mostly a reflection of inner interpretations, therefore, ‘the you is me’ and therefore what readers perceive is as much about the own-self as about the writer’s muse.

Dr Jyoti Kapoor is a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist currently practicing in Gurugram, Haryana. Always interested in arts, literature, music, dance and theatre, she started writing poems and stories and participated in debates, declamations, poetry recitations and essay writing competitions from primary school level and was even awarded by the then prime minister P V Narsimha Rao in 1991. She pursued medical education from Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner and her interest in mysteries of human emotions and behaviour inspired her to study psychiatry as her post graduate course from Pt B D Sharma Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak. She has been practicing psychiatry now for more than 15 years and often pens down the strife and tribulations of her patients’ innermost conflicts while empathising with them at a therapeutic level.

Her first anthology of the undulating course of love and its many expressions- Itineris- The journey through mirages, was published by Notion Press in 2017 and garnered positive reviews.

She is continuing her exploration of the inner world of mental processes at biological, psychological and spiritual levels and compiling further such literary expression for a wider audience.

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