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Lord Krishna series by Artist Swati Pasari

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“Krishna”, the latest collection of young and talented artist Swati Pasari consists of  beautifully handcrafted sculptures of Lord Krishna, an epitome of Love and Wisdom. “His glory is unsurpassable, his story, a source of joy and inspiration- He is Krishna, the music and the melody”, says Swati whose art depicts the most attractive and joyful Krishna.

Swati’s biggest influencers are subjects, rather than people. She is heavily influenced by Indian mythology and spirituality. The teachings of Krishna have really shaped my personality and outlook of Life.

“You are the instrument of your own illumination. Awaken your senses and look beyond the darkness, listen to the reverberating tune that connects our soul to the divine entity and when your heart beat will reverberate his mystic tunes that is when you will find your true source of happiness, that is where you will seek knowledge and that is when true illumination will reach your life.”, Lord Krishna’s words in which I firmly believes, says Swati.

Her collection is available in paintings of sizes 2 feet to 8 feet and sculptures in sizes 2 feet to 6 feet. The collection can be viewed at

Hailing from a Marwari family of Kolkata, Swati finished her Business studies from Australia to join the family business. However, she gave in to her inner calling and started painting.

Swati’s Art Brand, “Soulink” took shape in 2007. Today, all of 33 years, Swati has travelled across the World exhibiting her all so happy Artworks & Sculptures.

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